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Tuesday 30 March 2010

You’re Fired: Mon Mar 29, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Joe Turner, directed by John Anderson

Jason tries to cheer up Tina, but she’s set on being miserable.  Jason tells his mum that he’s going to surprise Tina with his final divorce papers, so he’s going toMarch-29-2010-Tina-Bitch propose again over a romantic meal.  At home, Tina’s all dressed up and wanting to know what Jason is up to.  He shows her his divorce decree, and she’s confused as to why they’re celebrating.  He tells her he wants to be married to him as soon as possible – an April wedding.  Tina doesn’t look excited about it.  Tina freaks out on Jason about dropping bombs on her, and says all he wants her to do is completely forget about her dad.  Tina says a wedding right now is the last thing she wants and tells Jason to give her some space and suggests he go stay at his mums for a bit.  Tina says it’s not him, it’s her.  Well, that’s clear.  Jason of course thinks there’s someone else, and Tina says she could have and nearly did causing Jason to blow up.  She tells Jason how she met NuNick in a bar before Christmas.  Tina tells him that he and her are finished – that’s it.  Ouch!

March-29-2010-Jason-angry NuNick warns David to stay on his best behaviour and tells him to “grow up.”  NuNick tells Audrey about what David has done regarding the witnesses, and asks if she can have a word with him.  David tells Audrey that no one seems to care about Gail but him.  Audrey suggests he come back to work since she’s so busy lately and David tells her ‘maybe.’ 

Later, Jason finds NuNick and David having a pint in the Rovers and pops him one in the face.  Ciaran has to hold Jason back.  NuNick explains to Jason that nothing really happened, and David thinks Jason should apologize.  Jason accuses both David and NuNick of being sick.  NuNick says he and David are brothers and they stick together – unless he wants to call Todd up for reinforcement.  Ha-ha. 

Jason goes to the flat and tries to get Tina to open, only she’s bolted the door.  He goes over to see his mum and tells her that Tina’s been with another bloke – NuNick.  Another Platt interfering with her son’s lives – just what Eileen wants to hear.  Jason breaks down in tears telling her that Tina’s broke it off with him.  Eileen goes over to Tina’s and raps on the door, but Tina just turns up the TV volume to drown her out. 

David wants to know why NuNick didn’t tell him about Tina, but he says ‘why would I?’  David knows that it was only a kiss between them since if it was more than that he wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation to rub his nose in it, and Tina’s got better taste.  NuNick can’t help but poke and David and vice versa.  These two are like fire and ice.  NuNick wonders if David blames Tina for putting his mum in prison.  David’s had enough of NuNick’s taunting and wallops him on the side of the face.  At least NuNick’s bruises are even now.  March-29-2010-John-fired

John is going over “The Talented Mr. Ripley” to teach to his adult class.  Fiz says she’s seen the film, but can’t remember who stars in it, and John tells her.  He  invites her out to the pub with the other teachers after class, but Fiz doesn’t want to sit around discussing leather elbow patches and chalk brands.  Once again, I have no idea what these two have in common. 

Trouble in paradise, as John’s superiors at his teaching job find out about his criminal record and he gets the sack.  John tells his superior that he thought he’d be fine since he works with adults.  The supervisor is livid and says he’ll never work in the teaching profession again.  You have to expect some repercussions in your life when you kidnap a teenage girl, no matter how rotten she was.  John comes up and tells Fiz how he got sacked and humiliated because they found out.  John says he will never teach again.  The tiniest violin in the world…

march-29-2010-Eileen-hamlet Eileen’s still upset over her breakup fiasco, but Claire tries to stay positive telling her she’s never sure what’s around the corner.  Hopefully it’s more than a tumbleweed.  Becky tells Claire and Eileen how things have been slow in the “bedroom department” with her and Steve lately.  She feels Steve has lost some passion, and has gone off her.  As soon as Becky’s gone, Steve arrives and Claire and Eileen tell him about how Becky complains he’s lost his passion.  Well, that’s really why Becky told them to begin with, isn’t it?    March-29-2010-STeve-Becky

Steve gets mad at Becky later for telling Eileen and Claire about his mojo, and he says it’s not true.  He says his mojo’s in  full swing and he’ll prove it – after he’s done with the bottles.  They try to get away from work, but can’t manage.  They get upstairs, only Liz has sent Ciaran up to see what Steve’s done with the rota and get caught, as Blanche would say, “inflagranti” playing a game of chef and French maid.  Later downstairs, it’s clear that Ciaran told Liz about what he’d seen as she giggles about it.  Becky comes down and gets mad at Ciaran for interrupting because Steve’s lost his mojo and anything will put him off.  Becky lists off the places they’ve “done it” around the property and Liz doesn’t want to hear anymore! 

March-29-2010-Sian-Sophie Sian is taking Sophie out for a surprise.  Tell me they’re not real, but it looks as though Sophie and Sian have gotten matching tattoos!  Oh, thank goodness they wash off after a couple of weeks.  “Lee” the guy that tried to kiss Sophie last week has texted her that he’s sorry and he feels real bad.  She thinks maybe she overreacted and she should text him back.  Sian thinks he’s a loser and she shouldn’t.  After hours of pondering, it’s clear that Ryan wants rid of Sophie so he and Sian can have some time together.  Ryan tells Sian that other girls are interested, if she’s not.  Sian’s heard enough and her and Sophie leave.  Sian tells Sophie she’ll never talk to Ryan again.  They complain about why boys are so stupid and they agree to go off men.   

Dev’s not used to children invading his “adult” flat.  First it’s his dimmer switch, now he’s got no cold ice.  Is he sure he wants his family back?  After aMarch-29-2010-Dev-Graeme rambunctious trip from the zoo and Dev is clearly exhausted.  Aadi’s supposed to be taking his bath and as Dev is readying a hot chocolate for him they find that he’s locked himself out on the balcony in his pyjamas.  Dev accidentally rips off the handle which makes Aadi trapped on the balcony.  Luckily Graeme rides by in his rickshaw with ladder and rescues Aadi off the balcony.  Dev rewards Graeme with some Brandy and organic potato chips.  Graeme questions why Aadi was in trouble, and Dev figures it’s because his flat is too dangerous and not suitable for small children.  I wonder if Brandy is “expanding Graeme’s horizons” like the cheeky red wine he had on Friday did. 

Later, Dev tells Sunita they should get a new house – a new start for the four of them. She accepts this and wants to start looking. 



- Fiz likening John as “Stephen Fry’s attractive younger brother.”  Ha-ha. 

- Eileen cradling a skull (her pewter paperweight?) like Hamlet did when he himself talked about his closeness to death.  Eileen mentioned she might get hit by a bus next and is overly pessimistic.  Nice classic touch, unless I’m reading too far into it.

- When Becky talks about her and Steve’s lacking love life, Claire going on about how passionate Ashley is - “what can I say…he’s an animal.”  Ha-ha.

- Asha and Aadi in their animal facepaint from the zoo!  I love Corrie kids, they always light up the screen.

- Dev catering to Graeme with premium crisps and glasses of Brandy

- Steve and Becky’s romping outifts!

- NuNick getting two bashings in one night!


- Claire and Eileen turning around and telling Steve about what Becky told them in confidence about her and Steve’s sex life.  It’s ratty, but funny. 

- Tina treating Jason like utter crap for “dropping bombshells on her” – when he suggested an April wedding and of course for dumping him.  She’s such a little so-and-so. 

- NuNick trying to be the stick in David’s wheels, as well as Jason’s for that matter. 

- John getting fired from his job – how did he think they wouldn’t find out? I hope they change his character’s direction considerably, because right now he’s a stick in the mud for me.

Overall Episode Rating: 7.5/10

Drama: 7/10, Humour: 8/10, Classic Corrie: 5/10, Wow Factor: 10/10


Willie Eckerslike said...

Tina is turning into one unpleasant piece of work. More silly pointlessness from Claire. Great stuff from Grahame and more rubbish from the Alahans.

Tvor said...

Oh i wouldn't think Tina was getting all unpleasant. I think she's just overwhelmed with grief and doesn't know how to handle it. She needs help and poor Jason doesn't know how to handle her emotions either.

Mr Dalek said...

I hate tina she needs to get over it! i know you dont in real life but i soap terms it makes for boring viewing. The alahans crack me up! devs german accent "chocolate und squirty cream"

Jonny said...

Get rid of the useless Claire and her useless husband - Phil Collinson please note.

Loved Steve in his little red hat!

Poor Mr Stape. Maybe he could teach criminals back in the slammer?

Peter said...

Tina was down right cruel with Jason on Monday night. He doesn't deserve to be treated so poorly. His actions were misguided and slightly insensitive but that is all. He has been an absolutel rock to her and this is how she treats him. He can do so much better.

I enjoyed NuNick getting slapped, especially by Jason. He was itching for David to do the same as he was clearly winding him up.

Graeme saves the day on the balcony. I don't know what Sunita was thinking moving the kids in to that flat. Never going to big enough.

Sian and Sophie is clearly heading to lady love but is anyone else just finding Sophie really rather creepy around Sian and slightly disturbing? I am.

And John deserved to get sacked. What did he expect? If the college had been more efficient then he never would have stepped foot inside the classroom at all, let alone teach them. Idiot.

Yoork said...

@ Willie - Agreed!

@ Tvor - Agree also, about Tina being bereaved, but she's always been a ripe one.

@ Who - I also agree. Realistically, she won't get over it. But since when is Corrie that realistic? I just hope her moping brings us into more good storylines. Sooner than later.

@ Jonny - I don't mind Claire as the girl who works at Streetcars. Anything else, I really don't care for her or Ashley at the moment. They need a scandalous storyline to shake things up. What if Graeme had the affair with Claire? I was hoping that might happen.

@ Peter - I love NuNick getting slapped! He might not be a Platt, but he sure is a prat! I didn't notice Sophie's creepiness, but I'll look out for it now! John's a twat, yep.

gadgee said...

Nick getting walloped twice - excellent! Well done David and Jason. And poor Jason. I'm starting to really dislike Tina.

And David was ironing again!


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