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Sunday 28 March 2010

Sisterhood: Fri Mar 26, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Mark Burt (7:30), and Chris Fewtrell (8:30), directed by Tessa Hoffe

NuNick’s gotten Gail a new lawyer, but David’s got other plans up his sleeve to get her out. David spits at Tina again in the street, and she has to be rescued by March-26-2010-David-Graeme NuNick. NuNick tells David he’s only interested in fighting battles he can win – yeah, for himself. David and Graeme take off on their investigation to the Lake District in NuNick’s BMW. When Graeme says something is a “bad idea” it’s probably best to listen. Meanwhile, NuNick is planning on going to a meeting with Carla in that very car as it drives away from the street. NuNick once again looks the fool in front of Carla.

David and Graeme have arrived and get some information from the landlady at the local. There is a Polish girl named Anka who cleans all the cottages in the area. She also tells them that the folk they’re looking for (that couple) are the Kenworthy’s. Graeme makes up some story about them buying the Kenworthy’s boat for some millionaire Russian client of theirs. Graeme and David wait for the Kenworthy’s to show up at the pub, and they finally do. David confesses to them that their there about his mum – Gail McIntyre. He asks what they told the police, but the Kenworthy’s say it’s between him and the police. Trouble as the Kenworthy’s decide to call the police. Graeme gets David the hell out of there before the police show up.

David and Graeme return and David gets a strangling from his big brother for taking the car. David tells NuNick about their little journey to the Lake District to track down witnesses. NuNick points out how this will look to the police – whom are currently knocking on David’s door. It’s our favourite detectives, impressed March-26-2010-David-Witnessesthat David managed to track down the Kenworthy’s. NuNick says it was his idea, and they needed to know what the Kenworthy’s saw – for their mum’s sake. The detectives are going to question everyone at the pub and if they have perverted the witnesses, they could go to jail as well. After they leave NuNick freaks out on David for getting in worse than they were before. NuNick threatens that they next time David plays vigilante he’ll take him to the station himself.

Eileen tells Julie that she’s got her thinking that Jesse and her were special after all. Eileen meets with Jesse at lunch and Jesse wins her over even after the whole holiday business. Julie and Sean are overlooking Jesse and Eileen’s encounter when Julie tells Sean what happened between her and Jesse the other day. Jesse tells Eileen that he loves her, and begs her back. Eileen allows Jesse to take her out again. Julie hears Jesse utter those very same words to Eileen that he did to her and wants to go over there, but Sean holds her back.

Julie visits Eileen in the cab office with a cream cake and tells her that Jesse confessed his love to her, not Eileen. Eileen looks bushwhacked at the news. Eileen is rightfully pissed. Eileen smashes the cream cake with her fist as though it was Jesse’s head.

Later, Jesse shows up in the Rovers with the obligatory chocolates and flowers for Eileen in preparation for their date. He’s also dressed in his boot-hill best. Jesse literally pushes Julie out of the way so he and Eileen can have the space to themselves at the bar. Eileen tells Jesse that Julie’s going nowhere. Eileen tells Jesse that blood is thicker than water, but not as thick as he! Julie hands him his box of western crap and she and Eileen start beating him with his props, March-26-2010-Sunita-Devhow fitting. Away Jesse runs into the street with his tumbleweed in hand. Julie and Eileen high five in the the street to “good riddance to bad rubbish.” Later, Eileen tells Julie she doesn’t even know what she saw in Jesse. Julie promises Eileen that she’ll never let another man or anyone come between them.

Sunita’s taking over Dev’s corner shop, one jar of expensive world-saving coffee at a time. Sunita figures since she is now working at Dev’s, her and the kids should move into his flat tomorrow. She thinks Bramwell (?) isn’t for her – her friends are here. Dev thinks the kids need a proper home and tells her they can’t move in. Oh yeah, because what he says has any weight. Dev, like a lot of us, can’t figure why Sunita would want to leave a three bedroom house with a garden for a flat. Sunita argues that her old place holds nothing by bad memories, and his flat is a clean slate. Sunita has the kids at Dev’s screaming their heads off. Oh, I’d not be happy to be his next-door neighbour right now. Aadi and Asha have broken Dev’s dimmer switch.

March-26-2010-Rita-Audrey Norris shares his photo find of Audrey and Lewis to Rita and Mary. He gossips how the man (Lewis) was the man of another woman. Audrey comes in and Rita tells her about Norris’ theory over her having an affair. Rita wants to know more about this man. Norris thinks that Rita is trying to protect Audrey. Later, Audrey tells Rita at the salon that Lewis is her gigolo, sorry, “escort.” Rita reminds her that this isn’t real and she doesn’t have to stoop to this sort of thing. She warns Audrey about falling for Lewis.

Rita sees Audrey later and tells her that the more she thinks about Audrey and Lewis the more she admires her – since she’s got nothing at home herself. Norris is disappointed to find from Rita that Lewis isn’t married and that Claudia was only a business acquaintance. She tells Norris he couldn’t be more wrong. March-26-2010-Sophie-Ronaldo

Sian’s arrived for her visit and Sophie’s delighted! Sophie’s “setup” date has arrived with Ryan and he looks more Rosie’s type than hers, IMHO. A bit to “Ronaldo” looking. The foursome decides to go to Ryan’s to watch a movie, since his mum’s never home and all. The teens are into the movie – Sophie feeling awkward with her “date” especially when Sian and Ryan start kissing then leave for the other room. Sophie is alone with “Ronaldo” and she’s not amused by his Star March-26-2010-Sophie-SianWars humour, even though he’s trying to lighten the mood. Sophie accuses her date of drooling over her and talking too much, so he tries to kiss her and she pushes him away. Her date says he thought that’s why he was here, and Sophie goes after Ryan for it. Sian leaves after Sophie and Ryan sarcastically thanks his mate. Sophie thinks she might be better off without blokes altogether.


- Audrey calling Norris a little weasel for taking her candid photo! Quite fitting.
- David and Graeme jamming out to tunes and drinking coffee on their “road trip” in NuNick’s car.
- In the Lake District pub, Graeme ordering a glass of the landlady’s “cheekiest red wine” trying to expand his horizons. Oh, that one killed me.
- Audrey comparing paying Lewis to Rita renting a film for the night. So, Lewis is less “gigolo” more “home entertainment?”
- Eileen telling Jesse that blood is thicker than water, but not as thick as he! Ha-ha. And then, Julie and Eileen beating Jesse with his props.
- Sophie saying that with Ryan’s hair, he looks like Darth Vader! Ha-ha, he does have helmet hair.
- Julie and Eileen’s fresh start to sisterhood.


- That gross mopey low ponytail that Tina has been sporting for the last week. I know she’s “let herself go” since she’s bereaved, but it just irks me!
- Mary telling Norris about another “romantic” escapade of her past. Barf.
- Tina’s rude little ‘tude towards Jason, who doesn’t deserve it.
- Nasty little Jesse trying to weasel his way into Eileen’s life after professing his love to her sister. I never liked him.

Overall Episode Rating: 7/10
Drama: 6/10, Humour: 10/10, Classic Corrie: 6/10, Wow Factor: 5/10


littlevienna said...

Ok so I've said it before, both as Littlevienna and as anonymous (just so I wouldn't get a rep as a Tina hater) but, I HATE TINA SO MUCH!! - there, I've said it. As a foil to David, when she was his girlfriend, she worked; out of that situation the character just doesn't have any depth. The fact that she's gone so much into decline doesn't add up to the awful situations Joe repeatedly left her in: he tried to get her back with David for drugs, he left town while the loan shark tried to burn her flat down, he was moody, aggressive and smashed up the local doctor's surgery for drugs in full view of everybody! But then 'he was a good bloke'. COME ON! I find her ten times more irritating than Gail -'he was a good man'/ 'I've just lost my husband - McIntilsleyplatt.
At least Eileen's done more than be a sour faced, bitter sow this week so lets hope it continues and they actually use the character for something other than moaning in that moaning old moany voiced moaning she does that endears her to nobody.
Mary is genius, Eileen's back on form, David and Graham are spectacular, NuNick is slimy but plays it brilliantly and the tumble-weed moment was amazing!

Peter said...

I most enjoyed the tumble weed blowing down Victoria Street after Eileen and Julie chucked Jesse out on his ear. Then those two sharing the chocolates and going for the next layer. Great interaction there between those two.

Tvor said...

If Sunita's friends are all at Coronation STreet, where has she been for five years? Shelley was really her only close friend and she's long gone.

I dislike NuNick too but then i don't think he's meant to be very likeable. He's all up his own backside and wanting to be a big businessman but he's no Mike Baldwin and hasn't got a ruthless bone in his body. Still, as said, the actor does a good job.

Chris M said...

Every single line that Graham said in these episodes had me in stitches. I also loved his answering machine message (please leave a message after the *bleet*, I need to get my hands on that one).

Does anyone know the name of the song that David & Graham played in NuNick's car?

Rachel said...

It's about the right place that Dev would have bought for Sunita and the kids.

gadgee said...

The tumble weed was a good touch. I hope that's the last we see of Jesse the loser. Not a good character in my opinion.

Graeme and David - brilliant as usual. And I loved Carla describing David as a "little scamp"


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