Sunday, 28 March 2010

Alison King in Reveal magazine

Anyone else read the interview with Alison King in this week's Reveal magazine (dated 27th March)?

Our Carla "reveals" that she has such hairy toes, she now has to have them waxed. Apparently, she shaved them (her toes) as a teenager and the hair grew back "coarser and stronger". I thought that the shaving encouraging hair growth thing, was an urban myth. Can any reader enlighten me? On second thoughts, don't bother.
Alison catches Coroantion Street when she can, but doesn't like watching herself, and says her sexiest leading man was Rob James-Collier. She also tells us that - wait for it - she has a "fat a*se". Yeah, right.

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Clare said...

I think that they appear coarser and stronger as the tip of the hair has been cut horizontally rather than tapering naturally so it is more noticable. That's what i've been told anyway.
I highly doubt she's got a fat arse, she's got a lovely figure.
Defs agree on the sexiest leading man ;) swoon!

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