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Tuesday 23 March 2010

Carol Ann Duffy to write a Corrie poem

Carol Ann Duffy, the Poet Laureate is to write "something special" to mark Coronation Street's golden anniversary, says Digital Spy.

Carol Ann joined Corrie creator Tony Warren on a tour of the set in Manchester. While there, she revealed her intention to create a celebratory piece in time for the soap's 50th anniversary on December 9.

Ah, that's all well and good, but could you do better? Come on, let's have your Corrie poems and we'll blog the best!


Oscar said...

Look-a-like for Paul McCartney, don't you think?

Llifon said...

Back in 1960,
A little soap began.
That would in time give us,
The likes of Hilda and Stan.

In the sixties, you had the Walkers,
Ena, Elsie and Len.
And not forgetting Albert,
Minnie, Martha and Ken.

With the seventies came colour,
Plus Bet, Rita and Deirdre.
And the violent death of Ernest,
In Mike Baldwin’s factory.

Only Ken was there by ‘84,
All the originals had gone through the door.
And the eighties saw the deaths of Brian Tilsley,
Stan Ogden and Alan Bradley.

The nineties saw great changes
Bidding farewell to Mavis, Alf and Bet.
As well as new characters,
We saw an expansion in the set.

And now reaching fifty,
Corrie’s still great.
We still go to Weatherfield,
At half seven and half eight!

Llifon said...

I'm an 18 year old man. Thanks Willie!

Llifon said...

Oh. Lol. :D

Sea Penguin said...

Fab poem CSC. Carol Ann DOES remind me of someone - not Paul McCartney, though there IS a resemblance - it'll come to me.

Susan said...

Coronation street my favourite soap
I never miss an episode
from cobble streets and terraced homes
to cars that line the road
A soap of fiction but so like real life
From two timing husbands
To a murderous wife
A pint in the rovers where many stories are told
Betty’s hotpot, a delicacy to behold
Norris in his wig had me in stitches
While Jessie with his parrot
Spends his new found riches
Liz behind the bar flirting with the fella’s
Skirts too short for changing pumps
And smooching in the cellar
Becky serving the regulars and eyeing up the spice
Arguing with Steve, and not being very nice
Deirdre in her glasses gets stick from her mother
While Ken ignores her and seeks reward in another
Kevin cheats on Sally and pledges his love for Molly
While poor Tyrone is in the dark and Gail is off her trolley
David is the weird one with eyes so dark and deep
He defends his mother fiercely whilst making Tina weep
Jack and his pigeons have finally flown the nest
While Connie provides solace and a place to rest
Rita sells the cabin to Norris
And goes cruising around the med
Along comes Mary to provide some fun
And tries to get Norris in bed
The young ones provide the eye candy
With Sophie, Tina and Rosie
John Snape is the teacher
Who married Fizz, rather dozy
The ladies from the factory
Have all the style of a stable
With Janice’s gob, and Kelly’s walk
They resemble ‘Mack and Mabel’
Coronation street with its 50 year history
will continue for many years ahead
Out living many of its viewers
And killing all other soaps dead!

Susan Gorst

Sea Penguin said...

I think Carol Ann is the cat's pyjamas - she looks Heathcliff-ish, which Paul McCartney defo. does not, but I think she cultivates the androgynous look and why not - go Carol Ann - can't wait to read the poem.


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