Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Sue Nicholls on Audrey Roberts, the Corrie tart with a heart

There's a really good interview Sue Nicholls, who plays Audrey Roberts, on Digital Spy today, and as their soap editor says about Sue at the start of the piece: "...and what a lovely lady she is."

Sue talks about the men in Audrey's life and she says: "I'm very grateful to the scriptwriters for giving me wonderful stuff and the stories that I've been part of - I don't know who thinks up the stories - but they've come up with some humdingers, haven't they?! Maybe I should hush my mouth a bit!"

Sue has been in Corrie for almost 30 years. "It's the best job to have, especially in this day and age when there are no jobs anyway. I've been so lucky and if I think back over the years all the people have been lovely and the stories have been hot. Being with Amanda Barrie was lovely, and of course Brian Mosley who sadly died - and it's thanks to Brian or whoever - if they hadn't married Audrey off to Alf, who knows I might just have been another tart with a heart passing through."

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Sea Penguin said...

Audrey's always fab.

Willie Ecklerslike said...

I love Audrey, how very dare you call her a tart!

Unknown said...

I love Audrey too!

CNN'r said...

What I like about the character, "Audrey Roberts" is that she can be fairly open-minded even though she's STILL telling "Gail" how to live her life.
What part of England does Sue Nicholls come from? There are so many different dialects on Coronation Street, especially in and around Manchester.

CNN'r said...

'Tart' is the English version of 'slut' (unclean woman, U.K.) "whore", "tramp" and they're all applied to women's sexuality -not being monogamous.
I don't like the term 'tart'. Why can't British writers use the term for actors (female/male) on soaps like Coronation as not being monogamous unless British people (I am one, but in Ontario, Canada) prefer old-fashioned insulting terms for characters who have sex with more than one man at different times?

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