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Friday 26 March 2010

Nothing to Worry About: Thu Mar 25, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Martin Allen, directed by Tessa Hoffe

Gail’s cellmate is trying to play jokes on her again. Doesn’t she know that Gail has no sense of humour? Gail brushes off this woman since she thinks that March-25-2010-Gail-Sobbingbecause her bail appeal is today that she’s got nothing to worry about. Gail’s pacing is throwing off her cellmate’s solitaire game. Gail is happy to see her solicitor but her smile quickly turns to frown when she’s told that her appeal’s been turned down. She’ll have to wait for her trial in four months and until then she’ll be in her “hell hole.”

Back home, NuNick’s still too busy for his mum and David’s angry that he’s not caring. Gail rings and David hears her news – she’s stuck in prison until the trial. David tells his mum to try and stay strong. NuNick confesses to David that he was scared he couldn’t be strong for his mum which is why he hadn’t gone and seen her. They decide they need to figure out a way to help her.

March-25-2010-Graeme-uhoh Gail is soothing her sorrows with self-pity when her cell-mate reminds her that life goes on, even in prison.

Graeme sees Rosie leaving her house all gussied up for a date with a footballer and suggests she date him instead since he doesn’t mind her bad breath. She was chewing some gum. Graeme can’t understand where he’s going wrong! Graeme meets up with David later and hears about his mum. Graeme wonders if David can’t find any evidence or anything to help her. David remembers the witness couple and wonders if he can’t track them down. Graeme warns him about interfering with witnesses. David wants to go tomorrow and Graeme to come with him, but Graeme doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

Natasha tries her best to cheer Audrey up at work, but it’s Lewis that does the trick. He surprises her by asking for a trim,March-15-2010-Audrey-Lewis saying he hasn’t seen her around lately. He even manages to charm Natasha, not that that’s difficult. Audrey tells Lewis all about Gail’s saga over a cuppa, and of course, he empathizes. Is there anything he can’t do?

Tina’s happy that she’s got her space back since they’ve moved into the flat. She’s not happy when she thinks about how Gail might be out on bail and could be at her doorstep. Jason tries to make things positive by telling her that the second they sell the flat they’ll be out.

Things have gone a full 180 for Molly and Tyrone as Molly can’t wait to turn the spare bedroom into a nursery. Talk about Mar-25-2010-Molly-angry making your bed and laying in it. Tyrone is drowning Kev in baby banter again. He’s stressed out and Sophie coming and reaming him out after ditching her the other night when she wanted to go to the Trafford Centre doesn’t make it better.

Kev comes around and makes a stink by blaming Molly for being the reason that Sophie’s mad at him – since he was thinking of her and her baby. Molly reminds him that she’s stuck around to make a go of it with her family, just as he’s done with his. Kev makes it up to Sophie by giving her fifty quid, since “it’s easier.”

Julie has a word with Eileen about Jesse, as he requested. Eileen figures out that Jesse’s asked Julie to talk to her and isn’t amused. Eileen tells Julie to tell Jessie that her backyard still looks like “Boot Hill” and if he doesn’t come and pick it up, she’s bbq’ing the lot! Julie breaksMar-25-2010-Jesse-Julie-Snog the news to Jesse later at the Rovers and tells him that he’ll find someone else. Julie offers to meet up with him after work so she can cheer him up, to which he of course obliges. He’s got ulterior motives methinks.

Julie meets Jessie in his truck in a back alley – to avoid prying eyes. They talk about how they had a great time performing together then Jesse blurts out that it makes him wonder if he’d met her first instead of Eileen. Jesse admits that he had a crush on Julie and thought about her the entire time he was with Eileen. Guess Eileen was right! Jesse grabs Julie in a kiss and says he should have done it months ago. Julie gets freaked out and has to hit him with a rubber chicken and gets out of the van. Refused!

March-25-2010-Norris-Camera Norris gets a new phone and isn’t impressed by all the bells and whistles. All he wants is a phone that works. He complains that his old phone was clear as a bell. Then why did he get a new phone? He doesn’t know what he needs a camera on a phone for. Well, until that is he starts taking sleuth photos of Coronation Street residents. The perfect tool for voyeur.

- The romantic inside-repertoire going back and forth between Audrey and Lewis in the salon regarding why he hadn’t heard from her in so long.
- Norris complaining about the high-tech-ness of his new phone. He’s such an old curmudgeon.
- Norris taking paparazzi photos of the Street’s residents! Fantastic. Next he’ll have a video camera.

- Watching Gail get excited about her bail appeal only to see her upset again upon hearing that it’s been turned down.
- Julie telling Jesse he’s a wonderful man and loads of women will jump at him. I would hardly say LOADS. Mummy’s boy!
- Jesse telling Julie that he’d been thinking of her the entire time he was with Eileen! Ouch
- Kev keeping his miserable reign of terror up.

Overall Episode Review: 7/10
Drama: 7/10, Humour: 7/10, Classic Corrie: 5/10, Wow Factor: 8/10


Peter said...

Gail was pretty delusional expecting to get bail on a murder charge. I suppose she had to be though to keep her hopes up. Still, she seems to be adapting to prison life pretty well. David's plan looks pretty misguided. We shall soon see.

Julie and Jesse's encounter in the van was pretty amuzing. Jesse doesn't know what he wants and seems to be ready to jump on anybody who will give more than 5 minutes of their time!

YAY! Natasha! Love her. The salon interaction between her, Audrey and Lewis was pretty fun.

Also, what a great meeting of minds at the Rovers. Natasha, Norris, Graeme and Liz! Good one.

Ena's hairnet said...

I cannot stand oily Lewis and it is unbelivable that a good looking and well off woman like Audrey would have to pay for this smarmy man's time, he should be paying her! Where on earth is Ted, he must have got over his "flu" by now and he should be at Audrey's side and visiting Gail!

craig247 said...

Anyone else catch Sophie listening to Katy Perry's 'I Kissed A Girl' on her iPod? Must be a sign of things to come! ;)


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