Thursday, 18 March 2010

What happened to Adam Barlow?

The Rupert Hill/Jamie Baldwin interview's got me thinking back a bit. Am I right in thinking that, after all the kerfuffle with Mike's will, and selling his share of the factory, Adam went to Portsmouth to stay with Peter? That was AGES ago, and no mention of him since. What's become of him?

Viewers of BBC Scotland soap River City will know that until lately he (Sam Robertson) appeared regularly as "hunky" (yeugh - hate that word) art student Innes Maitland. Haven't even seen him there, in recent weeks - not since his last storyline, which was a good one. Coping with a diagnosis of epilepsy, so he was.

(By the way, his hair seems a lot less scary these days.)

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Dave said...

Sam Robertson who played Adam Barlow is now in Being Victor as Danny, who's a bit of a ladies' man:

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