Sunday, 21 March 2010

Corrie weekly awards, March 21 2010

Boy am I glad to see you award: Gold star: Simon!
Silver Star: Rita!

Soap cliche of the week: If she faints, she's pregnant and if she's had sex with two people, one of whom she shouldn't have, she's pregnant and doesn't know who the father is. It's Classic Soap Opera Plot 328. which leads us to...
Best Reaction Ever: Kevin setting the scan photo up in flames!

Could she/he be any more theatrical? BLACK star: Gail coming down the stairs, wild eyed, with a high operatic aria in the background. Sheesh!

You'd think she'd be used to it award: Gold Star: Gail burying her third husband. Mind you, he was the only husband she loved when he died.

Trying too hard award: Gold Star: Kelly panting after Nick who clearly doesn't care.

No chance of getting in her pants award: Silk star: Nick: Once Carla found out he got inside info from Kelly, he didn't have a prayer.

Deja Vu award: Gold Star: Kelly telling Nick that one of these days someone will stab him in the back. She meant it figuratively. Does she realize that's how his father died? Literally!

The Deirdre "I didn't do it" Rashid banner is handed over to Gail Platt!

Lines of the Week:

Tina about Gail: "She's been lying about how my dad died and I don't want to look at either one of her two faces while I'm burying him."
Norris about the warring funeral "teams".."Bit odd, don't you think?" Dev: "Decorum, Norris. Decorum" (Too bad Tina couldn't restrain herself at the funeral)
Peter: "Oh my baby!" (ok, did anyone else have tears running down their face at that line?)
George: "I am deeply sorry for all the trouble I caused." (And so you should be!)
Eileen about Gail: "She'd have trouble cooking a fish with the head still on."
Rita: "I don't think I give Norris' staying power much thought."
Kevin to Tyrone: "Congratulations!" Tyrone: "Cheers, mate, who's the daddeeee!!!" (um, yeah.)
Jason: "Too much thinkin' makes you miserable" (Oh, so that's why you're such a happy chap!)

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