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Friday 19 March 2010

Denied: Thu Mar 18, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Damon Rochefort, directed by Stuart Davids

Gail may not have committed the crime, but she’s doing the time. I wonder if she can see Becky’s initials carved into the cinderblock walls of her cell? Gail’s solicitor comes to visit her, and tells her that she needs to be prepared. Gail just wants to know when she’s going to go home. Oh, not for some time now. Tina nor Gail can eat breakfast this morning. Tina wants to keep that “murdering b*tch” Gail in Jail, even though she really liked her at some point. March-18-2010-Gail-downDavid and NuNick are at each other’s throats over what will happen to Gail, driving Audrey crazy. Another street stand off. It’s like the wild wild west, as Team Tina walks out to attending the bail hearing at the same time as Team Gail. Team Gail hasn’t got a chance, as Tina’s quick on the draw.

Could anyone look more terrified than Gail in that courtroom? Gail’s case has been referred to Weatherfield Crown Court, as it is a murder case, and won’t be heard until the sixth of July. Wow! Now for the bail hearing. Bail is denied for Gail since they believe she could be a flight risk, and the charge is so serious. David lashes out upon hearing this, only to be silence by Tina and held back by his brother.

Later, Eileen tells Liz at the Rovers how awful it was to see Gail being taken down in court and the kids up in the back. Eileen doesn’t believe Gail did it and never will since she thinks Gail would have trouble cooking a fish with the head still on! Liz reminds Eileen that it’s not the first time the police have got things wrong – what with Becky and the drugs. I know they’re in the right, but I’m not sure I’d have seen the day where Eileen felt sorry for Gail and Liz was backing Becky up. With Gail gone from the street, have things finally balanced into a normal order?

Audrey is worried about how David is going to care for himself with Gail around. NuNick thinks it’s about time David took care of himself and I agree. Audrey figures she’ll have to move in, although she doesn’t want to. NuNick takes this opportunity to tell Audrey and David that he’s bought into Underworld, so it’d be best if he moved in with David. Audrey of course, thinks this is a wonderful idea, since she doesn’t want to live with David. Phew, close one. Meanwhile, Gail is getting forced into her cell by the guard. At least she’s got her own room? I wonder if at this point she still believes that Joe “was a good man?” Maybe, since she begins to quiver in the walls of new reality.

March-18-2010-Molly-Pills Lonely, desperate Molly is at home counting some pills, surely wondering how much she’d need to take to make it all go away. She’s saved by the Diggory, as he calls wanting to know when she’ll be ‘round. Kev sees Molly in the street and asks her what she’s going to do with the baby. She dismisses his inquiries since he was quite clear previously that he did not want to have anything to do with her or the baby. Molly filters through the rubbish at her old place when trying to collect her things and gets a bit sad when she sees her and Tyrone’s wedding photo. Where did it all go wrong? Was it ever right? Jackie Dobbs arrives with some strange man and accuses Molly of taking Tyrone’s things and calls him. Molly quickly calls a cab. March-18-2010-Molly-Ty

Tyrone complains about Molly in the pub to Kev, but his mind is elsewhere. Jackie comes in and tells Tyrone that Molly is robbing the house. My, that woman has powers of exaggeration. Tyrone runs over and tells Molly that she can’t leave like that – they need to talk things through. Tyrone notices her mother’s “companion” and it’s the final string as he tells his mum she’s out – now! Of course, Jackie blames this on Molly. Tyrone offers to run Molly a bath and then he’ll take her to her dad’s place to which she accepts. Molly comes down from her bath and nap to find the table romantically set. You can’t blame the guy for trying! Molly wants to leave now, but Tyrone is disappointed – he wants his last supper. She’s hungry, so she obliges. Tyrone tells her he’d do anything for them to get back on track, since he loves her. He begs to spend the evening with her and she starts to cry.

John’s in a good mood, now that he’s back teaching soon. He’s also probably pleased that now that Gail has been arrested for murder, he’s no longer the talk of the street.

Rita tells Norris and Mary that she feels bad about not being there for Sally through her cancer. She curtly tells Mary that she would have been there for Sally when Mary tells her there’s not much she could have done anyway. What was that about? Rita doesn’t know what to do with herself now that she’s back and was offered by Emily to help her out in the church charity shop but isn’t keen on it. Mary tells Rita how her mother forced her to sing to people in an old folks home when she was a teenager, when the other girls were out March-18-2010-Mary-Scornedhaving fun on Saturday night. Someone’s not bitter. Maybe she really did kill her mother – watch out Norris! The post comes in and it’s a photo from Freda of their competition winning, since he “lost” the one before. Mary does NOT look happy to see that photo again, or at Rita’s telling Norris that he and Freda made a good team. Hell hath no fury like a woman who sang to old people as a teenager.

It seems Rita’s having a bit of trouble getting on with Mary lately. Does she feel Mary has filled her shoes, or does she just suspect something is strange about her? Mary proposes that her and Norris need to continue doing competitions since that’s what brought them closer together to begin with. Liz and Rita agree that she’s a bit of a nutter.

- Eileen sincerely giving Tina her support at Gail’s bail hearing. For all you fans who think Eileen is nothing but a bitter cow, see? She can be nice. I mean, her support can’t have anything to do with the fact that she’s supporting someone who wants to keep Gail in jail.
- The whole “wild wild west” theme going on when Team Tina and Team Gail met each other at opposite sides of the street, with the denizens watching silently to see what will happen. Was it high noon?
- Crazy Mary getting crazy jealous at the mention of Freda’s name and the photo she sent to Norris. It was creepy, yet somehow funny because I cannot take Mary seriously - yet.
- Jackie Dobbs coming back to Tyrone’s house with some strange man and a load of cans. She makes Theresa look like a class act.
- Tyrone for finally growing a pair and kicking his louse of a mother out!

- David and NuNick fighting like a couple of twelve year old boys. Act like grown men, at least I think one is, at least he looks it.
- Poor Gail sat in prison in her mourning outfit wanting to know when she can go home, when we all know she won’t be for a long time.
- The first thing Audrey worries about when Gail is in lock-up for three months is who is going to take care of David. Seriously? Who gives a fig about who does David’s washing when your daughter’s rotting in prison for a crime she did not commit!

Overall Episode Rating: 6/10
Drama: 6/10, Humour: 6/10, Classic Corrie: 5/10, Wow Factor: 8/10


Littlevienna said...

Yet another episode with the hideous tina shouting her mouth off in public. I know corrie has a history of strong and mouthy women but michelle keegan doesn't imbue the part with any charm at all; it's all just aggro, there are no hidden depths to her.
While we're on the subject; if you removed the words 'come on babe' from jason's lines I think he'd speak fifty percent less on screen, 'come on babe'.
A good episode overall but please let's have some respite from tina for a while, it's got so bad I long for scenes with molly and kevin in them, now that's BAD!

Llifon said...

I noticed that Rita was a bit frosty with Mary as well. Is this a new side to Rita? Tonight, she's going to be quite rude to Emily and soon she's going to steal Audrey's man! Has being on that cruise alone made her a bitter woman? But I like Rita! She's fab!

Sea Penguin said...

I never thought I'd want to say this, but I do hope that isn't the last we see of Jackie Dobbs. She's been pretty good value this time round.

Willie Ecklerslike said...

Has Rita had some kind of facelift, she looks very different and more "polished". Either that or she is extremely rested from her holiday. I wish Jackie had kept her big mouth shut and then Molvin would have run back to Diggory and we would be shut of her!

Tvor said...

I think Rita's "holiday" was a medical leave for Barbara Knox. She's looking so much better, healthier and a bit thinner too

gadgee said...

Nick really is a tosser. He's being beastly to David for no reason, as was Audrey in this episode. I know all about what David's done in the past, but, really, he's been a star lately, and I reckon he deserves some credit. I honestly believe David's a good soul deep down. He's been through an awful lot, and he's still young. (Not so young that he couldn't fend for himself, and do his own washing etc., granted. I mean, we already know he's a dab hand with an iron.)

>I do hope that isn't the last we see of Jackie

So do I!

Peter said...

Poor, poor Gail. Though i have to say Gail deserves jail for being so stupid in the first place. Good on Eileen for backing her in the pub. She is bang on. We know she didn't do it, but it isn't in her make-up to be capable of something some heinous. Tina clearly is just looking for someone to blame.

Loved Mary's reaction to Freda's picture!

Has Rita had a face lift? She looks awful.

I had a small cheer when Tyrone chucked Jackie out! Though i enjoyed her slanging match vs Molly. Speaking of which, i did really feel for her last night. Tyrone being so kind to her i think pushed her over the edge.

Anonymous said...

David, good deep dowwn !!!!. Get real, he is a vicious little toe rag who should be put away for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Mad Mary to manifest her "dysfunctional" side to Norris and give him the scare of his life!!

I just so want to get away from this Molly Kevin HAS to be one of the worst plotlines ever...


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