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Sunday 7 June 2020

Corrie Comicals week ending 5 June 2020

A camera hidden in plain view next to the Wharfedale system.  On a shelf which Yasmeen meticulously cleaned daily (if not more frequently) and which we all considered was going to be Geoff's undoing.  And how blind are the Socco's?  Surely one of them might have spotted it and asked for the recordings.  However to get rid of this rather annoying plot point Geoff regained access to the house and was able to delete the recordings of the week leading up to the attack.  But it has been there for months - why not delete ALL of the recordings?  They can only assist the defence team if they ever become available.  And the camera has gone to the tip.

I am not entirely sure when this episode was due to be transmitted - probably about three weeks ago.  However I think I can guarantee that whenever Craig becomes a policeman it will not be 22nd of June on any calendar in this house.  Indeed I wonder if it will ever be mentioned again as the episode planned for that date had not been made at shutdown and I believe we will be past that date when the new episodes arrive.

Come Wednesday a new day dawned and as the writer also wrote Friday I suspect that this was originally a one-hour long Friday episode.  John Byrom (29 February 1692 – 26 September 1763) - poor man had no birthday in 1700 as there was no leap year, a poet, inventor of a type of shorthand, landowner and apparently also created the terms "Tweedledee and Tweedledum".  Although I have been told that you cannot believe everything you read on t'internet.  Throughout this episode various people asked after Byron assuming it had been mispronounced!

Imran had sent a text that the cleaners were coming at midday to Adam who wonders why he did not say 12; Imran was concerned that Adam might interpret that as the middle of the night - but Adam says he is not aware that cleaners regularly work in the middle of the night.  But why would want noisy cleaners in an office at midday - there might be clients, there might be phones calls?  Surely before 9 or after 6 to ensure they comply with the physical distancing needed these days?

Teenage life is so unfair, you start a fight so you get your schooling upgraded at vast cost and have to do shifts in the kebab shop because your sister cannot keep her clothes on and to enable Dev to stay solvent.  Yep put like that it really does seem so completely unfair.

On Wednesday Beth and Kirk fell to discussing socks.  Like all of us the mystery sock black hole has turned up in Weatherfield and poor Kirk has been losing socks.  At one point he had it all sorted.  He had socks with the days of the week and he could wear the right socks for the right day so he knew which day of the week it was (and recently we have all struggled with that concept and he is not in lockdown!).  Anyway he ended up wearing one Tuesday sock and one Saturday sock and he did not know which day of the week it was.  He found out he was wearing odd socks on the way to the Weathy County ground, so it must have been a Saturday.  Paul thought about this for a moment and then said that perhaps it was an evening game and therefore might have been a Tuesday; which really left Kirk confused.  Anyway Beth suggested buying all black or all blue socks so they all match up.  Kirk ignored the instructions and bought some blue and some black.  It just won't work will it?

Which just about wraps up the lighter side of the Street for this week.

Written by: Owen Lloyd-Fox (Monday); Simon Crowther (Wednesday & Friday)
Directed by: Steve Finn (Monday); Abe Juckes (Wednesday & Friday)


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Humpty Dumpty said...

While we know in real life that cases like Yasmeen's can go on for years, even a lifetime, before being resolved, I'm beginning to find the dramatisation boring and aggravating. Was it meant to be a hidden camera? In which case, it obviously wasn't. Or was it the security camera which Yasmeen regularly saw as she cleaned but thought no more about? Another possibility is that the secret camera was inside the security camera. Whichever of these options it is, it still doesn't explain why the mobile phones haven't been examined. I don't know if this is technically possible but it would be fun if, when the camera is found as it must be somehow, the recording will show Geoff dismantling it. And why hasn't Imran pushed for a psychological assessment or medical reports? Alya has said it was the last straw so Imran could be planning a plea of diminished responsibility.

Den said...

That whole scene between Kirk and Paul about socks ... it just re-emphasises a point I keep on making, WHAT ON EARTH DOES BILLY SEE IN PAUL!!! I can't fathom it at all, they have nothing in common and I can't understand what they find to talk about in their evenings. Billy is a well travelled, educated, intelligent man .. *sigh* ... gosh I miss Todd

abbyk said...

Thank you!!! Just because Paul’s gay, good looking and available doesn’t mean they are meant for each other. As a graduate of Billy’s home for rescued waifs and strays, I could see them as pals. As a couple, they are too imbalanced, like Ken and Deirdre without any chemistry.

CK said...

Also Geoff just dragged the footage to the recycle bin but didn't empty it. So unless he pitches out his laptop, I guess there is still hope of the footage being found.

coconno196 said...

It's true, Billy and Paul is one of the most unbelievable relationships ever. If only Bruno Langley hadn't behaved so badly, Todd and Billy could now have a happy family unit with Summer.


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