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Friday 26 June 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 26 June

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

In a parallel universe where teenagers still take exams and it’s possible to book holidays, Amy is stressing about her upcoming RE exam so Steve offers to take them all on a family holiday to Cornwall. Unfortunately, Amy lets this slip to Leanne, who of course gets into a massive strop, because that’s her default setting.

Meanwhile Seb the Incredible Sulk is still sniffing around human chipmunk Alina and making lovely Emma feel uncomfortable. I honestly can’t think of a couple I care less about than Seb and Alina. Oh no wait I can…Fiz and Tyrone. Their latest storyline seems to be Fiz worrying that they’re middle aged and have no fun. I’m not really sure why this has suddenly become a thing? Fiz hasn’t been fun since 2002 and Tyrone is so dull that his missus turned to Kevin Webster for a bit of excitement, a man whose only topics of conversation are pies and spark plugs.

Over at the caf√©, Shona has a coffee with Gemma who she has no memory of, despite them being from the same estate. Gemma tells her how good she and David were together, so Shona decides to order him to the caf√© flat for a ‘date’. Once she’s got her bemused husband there, she gives him a beer, and starts taking her clothes off. That’s the second person she’s made a pass at in two days. I don’t know about you lot, but I had no idea that a brain injury turned you into a sex-maniac. Now that I’ve got all the facts, I’ve precariously balanced a few heavy jars in the kitchen and sent Mr Kelstar out to do the washing-up. Anyways, David turns down Shona’s offer of a bunk-up and she takes this pretty badly and throws him out. When she moans to Roy about it all he wisely tells her that it might be a better idea to take things slowly.

Also in the cafe, Nina, Toyah and Evelyn set off to lobby their local MP (I missed what they were lobbying for/against). After a successful and arrest-free protest, Toyah rushes off to join Imran for a mysterious meeting. It’s with a social worker to discuss her and Imran becoming foster parents. I’m all for this, firstly because I like these two and secondly because now they’ll surely have to move out of the Tardis which they currently share with Alya, Ryan, Craig, Lord Lucan and the Bolshoi Ballet, and get a home for grown-ups. 

Finally, Leanne and Steve take Oliver to the hospital for his test results. Leanne is feeling positive, convinced that Oliver is showing signs of improvement and even manages to grudgingly concede that someone buying you a holiday might be quite a nice gesture. I’ve a feeling this won’t last for long though, as judging by the look on the consultant’s face Oliver’s prognosis is not good.
But we’ll have to wait until Monday to find out…

And that's it for tonight folks. Are you missing a bit of drama or did you like the slightly slower pace? Let me know in the comments or on twitter @mskelstar

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Louby said...

I like the potential fostering storyline. I like that Toyah and Imran might be in the programme a lot more.

Please let Shona regain her memory! I feel quite sorry for the actress, some of the lines she's had to say.

Anonymous said...

David and Shona's storyline has been an absolute shambles, in my opinion. It's like they haven't bothered to do any research into brain injury/memory loss. Neither David or Shona seem to be making any sort of effort. David keeps expecting Shona to just regain her memory. And Shona doesn't appear to feel any attraction to David whatsoever, but wants to sleep with him. She also decides to live on Coronation Street although she apparently has little intentions of getting reacquainted with her husband properly.

It's like the writers aren't taking it seriously, same with Amy Barlow's pregnancy storyline, which was more for comedy effect. Shona's memory loss storyline has basically consisted of Shona squawking "Well I don't know, do I! I can't remember!" in every scene, as well as Shona bursting into laughter at completely inappropriate things. Even David has joined in with the inappropriate laughter now, finding his wife's amnesia amusing. Wrap it up, Corrie.

Anonymous said...

Shona does remember the times when her son was younger so maybe she was a bit of a mattress Mary and slept with lots of young men and since that is where she is in her head than that is what she is doing now.

Anonymous said...

I've been saying this for a while now but Corrie seems to be at an all time low.

So many pointless characters, and so many storylines starting when others haven't finished.

What is going on?

Shona's memory loss - stupid. Alina/seb- dire! Gemma of any kind - awful! Oliver - just plain depressing and a tad dull. Gangster Gary- absolute worst storyline in corrie history.

Can we have some actual Stories? You know, not just 'Here's an issue' but an actual story we can invest in and be entertained by? With characters that actually have personalities? Is that too much to ask?

Tracy, Carla, Peter, Jenny, Toyah, Abi - all great characters who are woefully underused/ not used in the right way. So disappointing and frustrating to watch.

People complained about Kate Oates, but she did a far better job than the shambles the current showrunner is making of things right now.

dhvinyl said...

Don’t know why every comment has to be anonymous - you’re only commenting on a soap for goodness’ sake, but I do absolutely totally agree with the last anonymous. Reveal’re saying what millions of us must be thinking ! Just saying !!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's my name you're insulting. Anne Nonymous!

dhvinyl said...

Well, Anne - I’ll look out for you in future. You’re very prolific !!

Anonymous said...

Aww, ta very much dhvinyl. Very common name here in Weatherfield

Sharon Boothroyd said...

The Toyah/ Imran fostering storyline has been suddenly sprung upon us, no lead up to it whatsoever. What social worker, in their right mind, would agree to it when the couple haven't even got their own home?
Would a SW honestly say to a child: 'Well love, you're going to be living with this couple in a very small flat but there's also a police officer and another couple living here too - they pop in and out at all hours, but hey, on the plus side, there'll be lots to talk about at tea? Oh there's always a long q for the bathroom, but sorry chuck, there's no bedroom for you, so you'll be sleeping on the sofa, I'm afraid.'
It's utterly absurd!

dhvinyl said...

But "utterly absurd" has been Corrie's mantra for 60 years!! THat's why we love it....though some of us wish they didn't try so many serious causes. As you have highlighted, that's when they caught out!


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