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Monday 29 June 2020

Celebrating the Weird & Wonderful Corrie Universe

Ahead of Coronation Street’s 60th anniversary later this year, ITV showed “The Road to Coronation Street” for the first time last to the delight of fans across the UK. Made by the BBC and written by former Corrie writer Daran Little, the film tells the story of the birth of the iconic soap, previously titled Florizel Street.

Some eclectic Corrie content...
It was quite an emotional watch, not only because it’s a brilliantly acted and written piece of work, but because of the amazing responses from the public and Corrie community online. Corrie is very close to people’s hearts having been part of British life for well over half a century and the fact it has continued running through the pandemic, offering exactly the kind of continuity we are all craving in such uncertain times, meant that an outpouring of love and respect for all things Corrie spilled out onto social media and it was lovely to see.

Cast and crew past, present and future got involved in the love in.

Corrie publicity boss Alison tuned in

Soon-to-be cast member Tony Maudsley joined in the praise
It was a lovely coming together of people who work in the show and members of the general public celebrating the world of Corrie.

And what a wonderful, weird, joyful world it can be. Whilst we’re down to only three new episodes a week right now, classic Corrie episodes, tributes, articles and more are all easily available. With the world in such a crazy place what better time to escape into the 'Corrieverse' for a bit of fun.

Something about that cobbled street, its camp characters and feisty women brings out the comedian in some people. 

The internet brought a whole new dimension to the Corrie fan world. Remember when someone tried to sell a bag of air that Audrey actor Sue Nicholls had walked through?

The Audrey Roberts noise reappeared too last week, as shared by creator Martyn Hett’s lovely mum Figen:

My dog PJ once appeared on This Morning in a pet-soap-lookalike competition next to Corrie legend Ena Sharples:

Colson Smith a.k.a. Craig Tinker has been bringing us the ‘Corrie Good News’, a brilliant little online segment to bring a smile to people’s faces during the pandemic.

Corrie can pop up in the strangest of places. Like here, in an article on a football website called Who Ate All The Pies. Turns out PFA Player of the Month April 2017 Kamil Grosicki has a doppelganger.

The online magazine explains how Kamil "shares a face with one of the biggest perma-gurning hams on television" but ends by saying "if you're not familiar with Simon Gregson's work on Coronation Street then we suggest you keep it that way". Bit mean.

The Polish soccer player is just one of many Corrie lookalikes that can be found on the internet. Drag Queens up and down the country have sent up some of our Corrie divas for years.

Not all of these people are drag queens...
And there have been some hit and miss waxwork attempts across the UK…

Roy and Hayley. Are going to kill you.
Some fans, mentioning no names, have sat and watched an episode then watched it all over again….backwards:

Others love Corrie so much they’ve had characters permanently tattooed to their bodies…

And EVERY time the weather’s bad in Britain memes like this appear:

Flaming Nora’s other half wants eagle-eyed viewers to Spot the Corrie Prop

Whose washing?
And Mersey Tart has five things he wants to get off his chest...

The world of Corrie off-screen as well as on really is a thing to behold. Weird, poignant, hilarious, and diverse. And ever growing. Corrie’s not just a tv show. It’s an institution.

So whatever you like about Coronation Street, be sure to share it with us all in the Corrieverse. Dive into that Corrie YouTube rabbit hole, read your favourite Blogger's musings on the Corrie Blog or simply waste away an hour scrolling though #Corrie Twitter - it's guaranteed to make you smile. 



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