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Wednesday 17 June 2020

Corrie wedding for Billy and Paul - Yay or Nay?

Guest blog post from Nicole Webster
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I have spoken to quite a few Corrie fans and a lot of them would dream for a wedding for Billy and Paul. 

Coronation Street are still to confirm this but from many spoilers it seems as if it could well happen in 2021 but either ITV or the Coronation Street producer neesd to confirm whther this will definitely happen. There have been many rumours about this but let’s hope fans get what they want.

I mean they are such a cute pairing how can you not smile when they are on screen? Come to think of it, it’s mental how far they have come together, they met by literally hating each other and now they live together.

When Paul was first introduced, he was quite cheeky but now he’s more of a lost soul. Luckily for him he has found Billy, I see these two as soulmates and Weatherfield’s strongest couple and I always knew that even when they weren’t together in September, there was always a spark between them. They have perfect chemistry.

Billy has helped Paul so much over the last year. It’s cute how they bring out each other’s true colours (not in a bad way). Paul shows how soft and caring Billy is and Billy is helping Paul get his life back on track

I have always been a fan of these two and if they get married next year, they will be like a proper family with Summer being there as well. 

That’s everything for this blog, hope you enjoy 

Guest blog post from Nicole Webster
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Anonymous said...

Nay! They have no chemistry whatsoever. Billy acts likes Paul’s dad. Paul needs to find someone his own age.

Anonymous said...

Very ageist comment

Den said...

It's a huge no from me. As a massive fan of the relationship Billy had with Todd, who I could genuinely see getting married and having a long running on the show with Summer as a family, Billy and Paul couldn't be more different, their relationship just confuses me.

I agree with anonymous, Billy often comes across more like a father figure than a partner, which has mainly been down to how the abuse storyline that ran last year was portrayed. Paul treated Billy appallingly throughout that whole saga I might add. Has he ever thanked Billy for his help? I don't see any genuine love there I'm afraid, sorry, just don't see it. They've got together in my opinion for lack of any other options and for want of not being lonely.

I can't see what either of them get out of the relationship or what on earth they spend their evenings talking about. Billy is a well travelled, educated man and Paul .... well .... he just isn't. Billy hasn't ever tried to get back on the dating scene properly, just got into a relationship with the first gay man who crossed his path. I'm also still very dissapointed in corrie for that alleyway snog, which was so massively out of character for Billy, a man who took two months to sleep with Todd and didn't even kiss Sean till they'd been on several dates. It's seemed from the beginning that Billy was changing his personality to fit himself into the relationship, buy why?!

I liken them very much to trying to watch Kirk date Carla, there's nothing wrong with the Kirks ... it's just Kirks date Beths ... not Carla's ... and Billy is a Carla.

Billy is by far my favourite character now on the show, one of the main reasons I watch ... but Billy deserves so much better than Paul who throws his dummy out the pram everytime something doesn't go his way. That's not how relationships work.

I adored Billy and Todd, I make no secret about that, they were soulmates for sure, Todd was absolutely the love of Billy's life ... but as much as I miss Todd I understand Billy can't remain single forever, I get that ... shows move on and pairings keep soaps turning ... but can I really see Billy going to the Bishops house, and introducing Paul as the man he wants to spend the rest of his life with and having that difficult conversation about the church and marriage ... nope! Not the Billy Mayhew I've watched since 2014 anyway ...

So .... in short. No :-)

Anonymous said...

I think the pictures you've used a the top sums it up nicely .... no!

Charles said...

I don't think they have anything in common and don't work for me as a couple. I used to really like Billy, but I think his time as a heroin addict threw the character off course.

Paul seems alright as a character although the actor who plays him isn't terribly convincing. Both of them would work far better separately than together. Best thing to do would be to recast Todd and bring him back to be with Billy and Summer.

Sam said...

I'm definitely team "nay"!

I honestly don't think they work as a couple at all. It's just not believable that someone like Billy would choose to be in a relationship with Paul. Billy was with Todd, one of the smartest and most witty characters on the street and now we're meant to believe he'd spend his days and nights with someone as aggressive, miserable and downright ignorant as Paul. As someone else has already said - what on earth do they even talk about?!
What does Billy get out of this relationship other than Paul stomping around like an angry toddler and Billy have to pander to him all The time?

The fact that your article states "they hated each other and now they live together" speaks volumes. There was no in between with them, they were simply quickly thrown together in a very unsubtle way as two gay characters without any consideration on whether or not they were compatible.
I simply don't see any chemistry or believability in them and most of their scenes come across as quite awkward. I certainly don't find anything cute about Paul shouting and sulking at Billy in almost every scene they share.

And they are absolutely not soulmates. Todd was Billy's soulmate. I'm not saying that Billy wouldn't move on but there's no way it would be with someone like Paul. I really hope Corrie realizes it's simply not working and splits them up.

Anonymous said...

So much prejudice and judgment in these comments. I've met couples with age differences and thought we had moved past these bigoted arguments. If it was a multiracial couple, there would be offense taken. "Someone like.." is the sign of a bigot

Nina said...

Only one person commented on the age difference. Everyone else mentions their lack of common interests, values and chemistry.

Sam said...

Grow up anon there's no bigotry here. From what I've read people don't think they are well suited because they have no common interests and imo Paul isn't a particular nice or charming person so please stop trying to stir the pot.
If you knew anything about Billy as a character or his relationship with Todd (which I was a very vocal fan of) you'd know that there's no bigotry or prejudice in place.
Some couples just don't work and it's obvious from the lack of online interest that Paul and Billy are one of them.

Louby said...

I don't particularly like them together but I like them individually. I like how Paul has got a sibling relationship with Gemma now, and loves being an uncle to the quads.

I also think that Todd and Billy were good together. I would love to see him back again, even if played by a different actor.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm in the minority but I like Paul and Billy as a couple.
Granted there may be an age difference but there is one with Jenny and Johnny and like Paul and Billy they seem to go together.
Paul and Billy are one of the few couples who are happy together supportive of each other unconditionally and Paul is great with Summer.
I also enjoy seeing Uncle Paul and Uncle Billy help look after the quads from time to time and in general,it's nice to see a couple on the Street go through various issues and still be in love and happy and that's what I like seeing Paul and Billy.

Anonymous said...

Common interests and values is just a way of expressing casual classism, another form of (socially acceptable) bigotry

Anonymous said...

Looks like the response from this article wasn’t what the writer was expecting ��

I don’t have much of an opinion towards Billy and Paul, but calling people “ageist” because they are not a fan of the couple is so petty and immature

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, andyand not on your own.i like them together
Todd isn't coming back, that ship has sailed. I remember comments in the early days that "Sinead wasn't right for Daniel". Look how that played out

Rapunzel said...

No, no, no from me. I endorse the comments above contrasting Billy and Todd with Billy and Paul. B&T were two opposites attracting on an equal footing. Their chemistry was sublime. B&P’s relationship is too co-dependent - with Billy permanently assuming a rescuer role (no doubt the reason why, to some, they seem more like parent-child). The only thing that they seem to have in common is that they are both gay - which is just lazy pairing on the part of the writers.

I don’t think re-casting Todd is necessarily the answer, as the chemistry was as between the two actors. They need to find someone other than Bruno Langley to sparkle with Daniel Brocklebank and then the writers can build whatever character they like around that person.

popcorn said...

Absolutely no. Their relationship is too unequal. As has been said, Billy is more like Paul's father. For me, it doesn't work, although I like both characters as individuals.

Den said...

In response to Rapunzel ...what a wonderful post. You know when I see blogs that differ so much from my own opinion I tend not to comment as I don't like to steal other people's happiness away, but Billy is a character I'm quite passionate about and he often gets quite a tough ordeal on social media / online forums and I do think his relationship with Paul makes it so much worse.

I agree about not re-casting Todd, I watched Bruno play Todd from the early 2000's and he is Todd and he worked so well with Billy like you said because of the spark that I personally also feel the actors had on screen. (TBH Todd had such wonderful charisma he worked with everyone)

It is hard to find that chemistry in soaps, as they have to work with the characters they already have in most cases, which is why relationships get recycled and partners swapped around. But they absolutely got it so right with Todd and Billy, like you say they were opposites but on an equal footing. You've really written exactly how I feel. Paul feels like more of a project for Billy and I don't like that, I haven't liked them on screen together since the day he arrived when Billy was acting all coy and bashful around a man he barely knew.

And yes anon, Todd is gone and that ship has sailed ... but when the show got it so right with them as a couple it's hard not to compare. I'd much rather we spent last year building up Billy's relationship with Summer again after his drug storyline (eek) rather than him focusing on a new love interest. Daniel Brocklebank is a tremendous actor, and he plays Billy so so brilliantly, so rather than marriage I do think it's time we had a story that focused on Billy for a change, we haven't really had anything meaty for Billy since early 2019 and he's only been in 22 episodes this year whilst Geoff has been in 56 , Gemma in 50. Maybe there's big things to come later, so we've seen him less in the early half of the year, I guess we'll see.

And as with Sam, I echo their sentiment that I don't see any bigotry. No one here is commenting on a real life couple, it's fictional and people want to engage with characters on screen. I for one am personally struggling with that as I don't see the Billy I know being attracted to Paul. It's not a class thing, Billy isn't exactly the Queen, it's purely a personality thing ...

And as for the age difference, the show highlights that far more than any viewer does. We even had Paul comment on it at one point saying that because Billy is older and Paul had a "relationship" with his step Dad that was probably why he was attracted to him. Was the show suggesting Billy is old enough to be his Dad?? That upset and confused me ... again, implying and pushing Billy as a father figure, when the actors have only a handful of years between them and Paul looks mid thirties to me and Billy early forties (I was shocked when I found out Paul was meant to be late twenties) ... I absolutely believe that love is love, no boundaries on age, gender or race ... but Paul does act very immaturely ... is that because we're trying to show he's younger than he looks to create an age gap that isn't really there ? I don't know ...

More focus on Billy as a character please next year and then we can bring someone new in for Billy, build the relationship with baby steps and show the audience why they like each other. Look how slowly and carefully the show have handled James' story. Paul and Sean can get together and get married , that's fine with me :-)

Sorry for rambling :-)

Paul and billy coronation street said...

Billy and Todd would of never had a family they would just be going around in circles, at least these two are going somewhere with their relationship. Todd was crap

Anonymous said...

Someone who actually likes them! Thank you

Anonymous said...

I mean to be honest Paul has been saved by billy, no one thinks about that. If it wasn’t for billy Paul could of drank himself close to death. When he opened up to billy at the top of that tower thing, god knows what Paul could’ve done. He could’ve tried throwing himself off so in my opinion they are great

Todd is gone He’s history

Anonymous said...

I think if the show invested in them a bit more then I could grow to like them. It's a shame the showrunner doesn't seem all that bothered about couples. It's easy to forget Adam and Sarah are married because we've seen nothing of them. Carla and Peter have been quiet for ages. Jenny and Johnny are never at the bar at the same time. Kevin and Abi have mysteriously disappeared since getting together. And the same's happened with Paul and Billy. No development whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

No, they don't do it for me at all. As a previous comment stated, I also feel it's lazy writing by putting them together only because they are gay. They are so boring together, no bigotry here, just facts. Why not find them other partners who are more suitable, then you'd have more than one gay couple on the street.

abbyk said...

The only interesting part of this story would be that, I believe, the Church of England still does not allow gay marriage. Billy is a Vicar. What will he do? Is his love for Paul enough for him to give up his calling? Will he do it on the sly and lie to his Bishop? Will his faith be shattered? He has a kid. If he walks away from the Church, what would he do for work afterward? With Daniel Brocklebank helming it, a real soul searching story could be amazing. But I wouldn’t expect a wedding to result.

And even if he did, nay for doing it with Paul, for all the reasons cited. They are kinda fun as the babysitting uncles but it ends there. Paul was one of Billy’s collection of rescue waifs and urchins. A friendship, sure. But they are too different. Billy is educated, giving and kinda na├»ve, Paul is one step away from a criminal. And, yeah, 25ish vs early 40s is a big life experience gap. It’s another thing they don’t have in common.

If we can’t have a recast Todd, I think I’d rather see Billy with Sean. They’re very different but they had fun together, until Todd stole Billy away. They both have atypical fatherhood situations - being parents is a huge common denominator. They’re both likable. Married? Not now, but maybe later. Much later. After a long getting to know you again. They’ve both grown up a bit in the past few years. They are different but they have fewer structural differences. They’d be more like an updated Ken and Deirdre.


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