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Thursday 18 June 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 17th June 7.30 pm

You've got to admit, they've had a good run, have Carla and Peter. It's probably been a year since Carla’s mental breakdown and having been reunited with Peter, they've been living in domestic bliss and more recently covering for Jenny and Johnny at The Rovers. Like most corrie couples though, they can't be happy for too long before the rot sets in. Is it a retcon, or a chance for us viewers to discover what happened during Carla’s ‘lost weekend’? 

Appearing suddenly in The Kabin, we immediately knew that Scottish scoundrel Chelsey was a bad ‘un. She conned Brian and Toyah out of £15, which was a nice set-up for the one thousand pounds (?) she is chasing Carla for. This (never mentioned before, ever) drug debt, accrued during Carla’s lost weekend of madness, is a tad unbelievable, but are they suggesting that the former factory queen dabbled in prostitution??!! Yes, yes they are. Tonight we meet Jordan, who Carla paid (in-kind) to stay with him at the squat and used her feminine wiles to keep him on-side. 

The best corrie storyline for me at the minute is Geoff V Yasmeen. Discovering that her Dad has kicked out her decrepit grandfather, Faye immediately sides with Geoff and gives Sally a load of earache for her troubles. I'm glad that Sally is causing friction though, surely the former mayor and ex-con can help Yasmeen get out of jail… somehow? 

Meanwhile, Roy relays the news to David that Shona has been assigned a support worker (very swiftly) and it's looking likely that she will soon be back living at the cafe by! Ignoring Audrey’s warning, are David’s dreams of uniting with his wife all in vain? 
Roy offers some worldly advice, and I must admit - Roy and David make a great acting duo, don't they? Let’s hope both characters can help Shona in her recovery!

Talking of which, loneliness is all-consuming for Daniel just lately with guacamole and baby Bertie not quite being a substitute for his gorgeous late wife, or equally attractive blonde ex-girlfriend. As the son of Ken Barlow, his inherited libido must be raging! Lucky then that nephew Adam intervenes by inviting him to a legal gathering, and lo and behold, Daniel meets another attractive blonde!! Is this a new love for the young widow, or will the grief counselling kick-in and he realises he’s better on his own? 

Later, Carla hides her upset to Peter and before long, Jordan pays her another visit. Luckily, Peter returns just in time. Is this the start of Another rocky road for the couple?

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Sara said...

I think Peter should stand by Carla no matter what happened ‘that weekend’. Carla was very ill and had no idea what was going around her, Peter must have had times similar to this when he was hopelessly drunk.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Peter and Carla are played by two terrific actors but they don't work as well as they should. They are either going through crises - when they're great - or they're dead boring. Surely there's a middle way when they are fighting on the same side. With many Corrie couples, it might be them versus the off-spring or another family member. I've always thought a missing piece of Carla's character was an Elsie Tanner-type aunt with whom she had a love-hate relationship.

Anonymous said...

Carla’s my favourite character and I’m glad she’s finally getting some screen time but I’m not sure about this storyline…
All this blackmail stuff is a little contrived and ridiculous. Why has it taken these scallies this long to track Carla down? And why is Carla giving them the time of day? The Carla I know would have kicked them to the curb! Where’s the tough cookie gone?
It’s reminding me of the terrible Tracy/Carla feud in 2015…
I think this storyline has potential if they focus less on the blackmail element and more on Carla’s struggle to come to terms with what actually happened to her. The fact she’s been taken advantage of would trigger memories of her rape at the hands of Frank Foster and it would be really interesting to see how she deals with that (could lead to some great conversations about the issue of consent).
Carla’s such an iconic character and it’s so frustrating that the writers have absolutely no clue what to do with her. In my opinion, Carla is at her best when she’s on fighting form, in charge of the factory, and flaunting her superiority over everyone else. We were promised Carla would reclaim her ‘Queen of the cobbles status’ and so far I’m not seeing any evidence of this…
Finger’s crossed Carla takes charge of the current situation and stands up to these opportunistic bullies!

Sharon Boothroyd said...

What I found interesting is Fay suddenly taking an interest in talking to Geoff, her grandad.
Geoff doesn't seem to have said 2 words to Fay since he appeared on the street!
I know it was Anna who adopted her and Tim wasn't around when Fay was growing up and in care, but Geoff wasn't in the least bit concerned about his grand-daughter and he hasn't developed any kind relationship with her at all.
Maybe it's because Fay has now become a background character. She was closer to Gary,so I'm surprised she hasn't been dragged into his underhand scheming.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I found it odd that Faye sided with Geoff despite never having said two words to him until now. I’m still gripped by all the Geoff stuff and I’m glad Sally is sticking to her guns.
Carla needs to nip this blackmail nonsense in the bud and tell Peter the truth. He’ll only be sympathetic towards her situation. I just hope there’s more to come from this or it develops into something else because I’d hate for this to be it for Carla and Peter and they go back to being shoved in the background again. We really need them back front and centre now.
The Shona stuff bores me silly, as does the Adam/Gary stuff, but the rest I enjoyed. Any episode without Gemma is bliss!

CK said...

I'm guessing that the Carla story is in some way going to expose the truth about Scott if he is the one that kicks them out of the pub?

Anonymous said...

In a way I'm not surprised but disappointed that Faye took her grandfather's side as she never liked Sally and did take Phelan's side over her mother Anna [much to Eileen's glee ]only to beg for forgiveness when the truth came out such as she will with Sally.
Maybe Geoff will start abusing Faye as he did Yasmeen thus making both Tim and Faye realise that Sally was right.
I also hope Peter stands by Carla just as she stood by him when he was falsely accused of murdering Tina.

Fluttershy said...

Geoff was clearly manipulating both Sally and Fay(e).

Anonymous said...

Maybe Faye will log on to Geoff's laptop and see his files of him abusing Yasmeen.


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