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Thursday 4 June 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 3rd June 7.30 pm

Since her arrival back on Coronation Street, things haven't been easy going for Shona. With her jaded memory still vaguely remembering Gail's teabag location, she does a quick flit and conveniently returns to Roy's Rolls! It would just be my luck to get amnesia and then end up back at work, but I don't work for Roy Cropper, unfortunately. Surely she’s safe with the ever safe cafe owner? Well, not quite. David’s danger sprees may have subsided now but Shona’s brain injuries are manifesting themselves in uncomfortable social outbursts and she soon burns herself on Roy’s biscuit tray. I doubt this will be a quick recovery?

Oakhill has long since been the posh private school of Weatherfield, yet it's most recent alumni from the cobbles is busty TV presenter Rosie Webster. It's hardly the heights of academic prowess so I do wonder how Asha and Aadi will fare at this new school? I'm surprised it's taken Asha’s scandal for Dev to send the twins there, he has got 3 shops so plenty of cash! Or has he? Asha’s first day doesn't go as planned either and cutting the staff rota at Prima Doner, makes me wonder if there is a plot coming concerning money trouble for Dev? 

Geoff's recent return has seen little recuperation for the petulant pervert. Taking Tim’s hospitality to the extreme, he’s also managed to discard the camera and subsequent scene of crime footage, from his covert CCTV system. Destroying that evidence is good, but Alya’s tenacity means clues seen to be appearing in speed daals accounts ledger and Imran is keen to find out more. It appears Geoff was having lunch at the Byrom hotel (famous Manchester poet, definitely not to be confused with Lord Byron), and Yasmeen reluctantly spills the beans (excuse the pun) and of course, Sally is soon in on the gossip. 

Pleading guilty can hardly do any favours for Yasmeen, though? A busy day for the solicitors, Imran also tells Adam about Kelly Neelan and surrogate gangster godfather, Gary Windass.  Some subtle tension still seems to be prevalent between Dev and Gary too. Could we see these two having a serious altercation or coming to blows, in the future? I know who my money would be on (sorry Dev!) 

At The Rovers ( I love Carla behind the bar) it’s good to see plenty of gossip with Eileen, Brian and Cathy, and Bernie. I like this, it reminds me of the classic corrie, and good to see Beth and Kirk back too. Geoff however, is about as welcome at the bar as Corona, so he soon leaves. Back home, Sally tells Tim that Geoff has been seeing escorts, and it looks like Geoff may have to tell the truth, for once. 

How is he going to get out of this one?  

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Anonymous said...

It looks like some of the Weatherfield women are coming round to the idea that Geoff is a wrong ‘un. Maybe Tyrone having been a victim of domestic abuse could come in on this aswell.

Tilly Flop said...

He'll get out of it the same way he did with Yasmeen. By saying it was research for his radio show, and that'll probably win Tim round. For now. Bud hopefully the seed of doubt will be planted in Tim's head

Unknown said...

With friends like Eileen & Cathy, Yasmeen needd no enemies! What a luke warm effort they made! Eileen should have dpomen up sooner and voi ed her concerns. Cathy should not have given up so easily on their friendship! Both women let Yasmeen down by their "afraid to upset anyone" attitude. Over them as Yasmeen's friend!

Anonymous said...

I suspect the Byrom reference is to John Byrom, the 18th century Manchester poet who is commemorated in Byrom St off which used to sit the old Corrie studios.

Anonymous said...

Tilly, Tim is too thick to have any seeds of doubt planted in his head. Very blinkered where his father is concerned, even though he must've seen the way he treated his mother.


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