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Saturday 20 June 2020

Coronation Street Weekly Update, June 20 2020

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There’s trouble at the Rovers for Carla when Jordan and Chelsey, a couple of scruffs, demand a thousand pound from her. They reckon Carla flushed away a grand’s worth of drugs down their loo when she lived with them in their squat last year. This was during Carla’s ‘lost weekend’ when she was suffering from mental health problems and psychosis and she can’t remember what happened, at first. But when Jordan tells her that she slept with him in exchange for a roof over her head, it all comes back to Carla bit by nasty bit. Jordan threatens to expose Carla and she has a wobble in Peter’s arms.

Carla scrapes together the money Jordan is demanding but doesn’t hand it over. Instead, she rings the bell in the Rovers and announce what Jordan is up to and admits what she did in the past to get by. A good moment, well done, that got even better when Abi throws Chesley out of the pub and Scott (the lodger) throws Jordan out. But then Peter heads out to work at Streetcars, or at least that’s what he tells Carla. When he returns at 2am, two hours later than expected, there’s a news bulletin on the radio to say that two scruffs have been found beaten up. Has Peter done it? My money’s on Scott.

Geoff warns Sally to consider Tim’s feelings as her vendetta against Geoff grows, but we all know that Geoff’s just trying to cover his back. Alya’s convinced that Sally is #TeamYasmeen and tells Imran to get Sally on their side for the court battle ahead.

Daniel’s feeling lonely so Adam takes him out to an excruciatingly awful night on the town, a solicitor’s ball of some sorts in a charmless hotel.  There, Daniel meets a girl called Nicky who’s working as a prostitute. Daniel chucks money at her and walks away in disgust. Or does he…?
And that’s just about that for this week.

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Tilly Flop said...

I loved Carla's speech. The old Carla had returned! Let's keep her that way. I also loved Abi chucking Chelsey out. Corrie back to its best. I also think Scott did it too

Anonymous said...

I really hope it was Scott, and not Peter, who did the attack. Peter can use his fists when he needs to, but generally he doesn't have a violent streak. He was involved in the Who Killed Frank Foster and Who Killed Tina storylines, but both times it wasn't him. And when his plan to punish Billy backfired he was horrified. I hope they don't change his nature now, it just would be pointless. It's ongoing with Gary, doesn't need to be Peter now as well.

Nina said...

They might be a couple of scruffs but they both have lovely teeth!

I know what Nicky meant now when Adam asked if she was a solicitor and she said ‘sort of’.

coconno196 said...

Well done Carla! I also think/hope it was Scott, from the expression on his face as the story unfolded. He seems to like Carla in spite of his mysterious history with Johnny. Maybe a connection with Carla's mother?

The "sort of solicitor" line was very clever. I didn't pick up immediately, but a long time before Daniel did! But why do people seem to think that the only way to help a tragic young widower is to find him a new woman?? He has a good support network of family and friends. He should concentrate on using his intelligence and qualifications to build up a career.


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