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Thursday 11 June 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 10th June 7.30 pm

With Geoff's bullying put-downs still ringing in her ears, and Alya's heartfelt plea reverberating around her subconscious, Yasmeen faces her court hearing with plenty of emotional ambiguity, and Monday ended on a huge cliffhanger! With her coils of thought slowly turning, Yasmeen's ‘not guilty’ plea is a huge relief and surely the clock of guilt is now ticking for Geoff? Whilst the majority of street residents have assumed her attempted murder as gospel ‘Team Yasmeen’; twosome Eileen and Cathy, are resolute in their support, but is Sally about to make it a threesome? I’m 100% convinced that Sally has only ever entertained the man due to her love for Tim, so it will be interesting to see where this takes her marriage (bearing in mind they aren't legally married anyway) 

Gangster Gary's continual involvement in his murder victim's family is perplexing, yet entertaining at the same time. Is this leading him directly into Adam's slippery solicitor clutches? Facing Kelly’s Mum, Windass’ misplaced concern for the schoolgirl's homelife is surely going to be more dangerous in the long run? I'd assume he’d want to save that cash for his own kids but hey ho it’s a good storyline, isn't it? Of course, he’s getting the school fees by loan sharking again, and still working with Sharon. 

Like I say, a whole heap of trouble is heading his way. 

Adam's charm offensive to Kelly’s Mum seemed obvious, yet I wasn't expecting Sharon to be in on it too, is she going to be collateral damage in Gary’s plan? I'm intrigued to see where this goes, and I think Dev (although Asha is now recovered) could get embroiled in this too? Talking of which, Dev’s spoiling the twins again, he’s not been in a suit for ages, and he is home a lot more often than usual. Is something amiss for this retail guru? 

If I was a betting man, and I do love guesstimating a corrie storyline, my money would be on Dev needing a loan, struggling to get one, and suddenly being pals with Gary, again?  

A few weeks ago, I did ask in this blog where the lovely Paula had disappeared too so it was nice to see her back on screen. Having no legal knowledge though, I wonder who she's representing? We needn't worry as Alya is back on the street telling all and sundry about Geoff's guilt. Is it time for the chicken killing, escort enthusiast to finally get his comeuppance? It seems the storyline is heading that way...and Sally’s marriage could end because of it!

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Humpty Dumpty said...

It wouldn't be Corrie if a much-loved, rock solid marriage didn't fall apart and then recover. I'm sure Tim and Sally will split up until Tim realises he's been duped all his life. Then they will be stronger than ever. I'm interested in Dev's family. Aadi is certainly feeling aggrieved and unappreciated. Dev 'jokingly' said he wasn't brilliant at maths and called his daughter a princess. Even taking into account Dev's over-the-top manner, you couldn't get a bigger indicator that Aadi will rebel or go missing. He's got a hot temper and could storm out after a row with his father.

Sue said...

Humpty you beat me to it. I was going to say the same thing re Aadi. I was expecting Mary to speak to Dev about how unfair he was being.

Bobby Dazzler said...

I think you're right..Devendra will go to Gary for a loan. Apparently Gary is going to murder Adam if the rags can be believed. Sally has never liked Geoff, and neither have I to be truthful. Not even from the first..must be his little rat face. (Great job Ian!)
Challenging times on the street to come..wondering how they'll accomplish the filming with social distancing...fancy writing to be sure


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