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Tuesday 16 June 2020

Jack P Shepherd interview: Is there a future for David & Shona?

What are David’s thoughts about Shona living with Roy?
David is pleased. When they are discharging Shona from the hospital, she doesn’t want to live with David and The Platts so David asks Roy if it’s alright that she moves in with him. It’s a big ask but at least David will know that she is close by.

What does David think about Shona’s new care worker?
Shona takes a shine to the new care worker, Aaron, so David is really annoyed. We had a lot of fun playing that scene so I am looking forward to it going out, it’s very funny.

Tell us what happens after David and Shona leave the Bistro.
Shona and David come out of the Bistro and Shona has Ray’s wallet. David starts laughing and Shona thinks he is taking the mick out of her so she throws the wallet and storms off. David catches up with her and explains they met because Shona stole David’s wallet.

How does David react to Shona’s advances?
Although it’s his wife and he has just got out of hospital after four or five months, David’s reaction is to say no and wait for her to be ready. He is trying to be respectful.

Is David committed to winning Shona back? Is he in it for the long run?
David nearly gave up when he went to the rehab centre and the nail in the coffin was when Shona said she wanted a divorce but when Shona comes back to the street it encourages him and gives him hope. Ultimately I don’t think the relationship will be the same again. Shona will have to fall in love with him all over again and he is going to have to fall in love with her again.

What did you think of this storyline when you were first told about it?
Shona and David had just got married so it was a really clever way to explain how one person would disappear for four months and then come back. David’s always had a bit of bad luck in between the comedy scenes that he has with The Platts and his relationship with Shona and the characters have the range to play the comedy and tragedy so it keeps things interesting. I get lots of people messaging me all the time about Shona and David’s relationship so there is a lot of love there for them.

Would you like David and Shona to have a second wedding?
Yes, no one wants to get married in the Bistro and David was wearing prison clothes! I’d like to have one in a big cathedral.

Would you be friends with David in real life?
David flies off the handle a bit too much for me to be friends with him! He’s always throwing his toys out the pram, running out the house and slamming the door, so I think he is nice in small doses but I wouldn’t go on holiday with him. It would be too much!

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