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Saturday 27 June 2020

Coronation Street Weekly Update, June 27 2020

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It’s been a strange old week on the Street. They celebrated VE day, which was at the beginning of May. However, due to episodes being rationed during the coronavirus pandemic, we’re only seeing VE day on Coronation Street now. Still, it provided us with some great moments. Rita singing? Check!  Peter dressed up in his naval officer’s uniform? Check! Union flag bunting in the Rovers? Check! Evelyn dressed us as a land girl in the corner shop selling out of date tins of spam and Alex done up in fancy dress in Roy’s Rolls? Check and Check. It was all very well done and I enjoyed the little touches, even Norris returned for a reunion in the Rovers with Ken, Audrey and Rita where Betty was remembered too.

Elsewhere this week, some lovely scenes between Emma and Alina as they struggle over their affection for caveman Seb. Each time Emma and Alina are together, it’s lovely, it’s like a pink bubble gum wash comes over the screen and these two could be best friends, forever. And then Seb arrives, all hair and raging hormones and attitude and the scene falls flat. He needs to stalk elsewhere and leave these two lovely girls alone.

At Roy’s Rolls, David and Shona try to get to know each other once again. Is it wrong to say that I like this version of Shona much better than the one before she lost her memory? Well there it is, I do. She’s fun. She laughs, she smiles, she chucks herself at David in an effort to find out what she really feels for this man who says he’s the love of her life. She doesn’t know, she can’t remember, but will shagging him bring back her memory? David turns Shona down and walks out of Roy’s flat.

Little Oliver’s diagnosis is about to be delivered this week. The episode ended when Steve and Leanne were called into hospital. I don’t see the point of this story at all. Yes, I know it raises awareness but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t care about Oliver. He’s a character we’ve hardly seen and unless this storyline does something drastic like bring Leanne and Steve back together leaving Nick and Tilsley to go sub-duvet then I wonder what’s the point?

And finally this week, Toyah, Nina and Evelyn go out on another protest for something or the other which isn’t quite explained. The point being that Toyah had to be back in time for a secret appointment with Imran as they were meeting someone from the council coming to talk to them both about fostering a child. Yes, this has come from nowhere. And it was just as much a surprise to actress Georgia Taylor as it was to us fans. In this week’s Inside Soap magazine, Georgia revealed that the first she knew about the fostering storyline was when she read it in her script. Mind you, she also said she wanted the return of Spider and I can only agree with that.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

Oliver’s storyline seems to be more about the family rather than Oliver himself. It looks like it will focus more on how Oliver’s diagnosis affects Leanne, Steve and the rest of his family (like Nick, Simon, Emma, etc) rather than Oliver himself. Even though we haven’t seen much of Oliver before this storyline, we know how much Leanne wanted her own child and Jane Danson’s acting has been great in this storyline.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

Yes, Jane Danson and Ben Price (Nick) are one of the best actors on the street.
My other favourites that I rate highly are: Alison king (Carla) Chris Gasgoine (Peter), Jack P Shepherd (David) Sally Matthews (Jenny) and Sally Carmen (Abbi).

Humpty Dumpty said...

I know some people like Seb because of his care for the twins. But there's a big difference between reading his story in a novel where you can imagine the character and seeing that same character on screen. I agree he's quite a nice young man but he's desperately boring on screen - no chemistry with either of the young women. As for Oliver, it is Leanne's story (and Toyah's to some extent) and for that reason, I'm pretty sure that Oliver will die soon. As I understand the condition, a child can live until they are seven. I don't think Corrie could do that ie: let viewers watch a child slowly deteriorate over seven years and then he dies. Far too tragic. On the other hand, having Oliver die so young is surely a very sad message for real-life parents. I can only hope that the charity has stressed to their members that this is a drama and should be seen in that light.

Anonymous said...

Jane Danson’s acting in these scenes has consisted of scowling and snapping at people or talking in a silly baby voice. It has hardly showcased what she could do.

abbyk said...

The only one I feel for is Leanne, and maybe the kids. Leanne wanted a baby for so many years and then she got her miracle. For someone with fertility issues, she’s at an age where she won’t be having another baby. Oliver is her one and only and we know she’s going to lose him. I think her odd behavior is a combination of exhaustion and denial, so I’ll give her a pass. Amy, Simon and Emma are going to lose a brother. After caring for Simon’s needs, I hope Peter will have something left for the girls because you know Steve won’t.

Bobby Dazzler said...

The only thing saving Coronation Street from itself at the moment is the story of Yasmeen, Geoff, Sally and Tim....and then we have Carla and Peter and Scott...Great supporting cast in Evelyn and usually Mary. Could give two hoots about Oliver, the Brown Clan,Dobbs Clan, Bailey Clan...Get rid and bring back some of the laughter and shenanigans that Corrie is famous for. Could we maybe not try to bring awareness to the masses and perhaps JUST entertain the masses...asking for a friend

perkysmom said...

Agree with you Bobby Dazzler. The writers keep introducing new people who contribute very little to the show.


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