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Saturday 6 June 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 5 June 2020

Just look at the innocent face above - how can anyone not believe the multiple stories Geoff spins?  Geoff has admitted to Tim and Sally that yes he has been visiting escorts - the female sort not the car as he later explains to the police woman.  His wife had withdrawn her favours and a man has needs you know.  Tim swallows it hook line and sinker like the escorts; Sally feels that paying for sex is simply not on.  And anyway says Geoff it was only two, separately he emphasises, not thousands.  He uses the same lack of comfort at home in his story down the cop shop omitting any mention of chlamydia which might disprove the lack of fulfilment at home!  And the more Geoff thinks about it the more he likes his new story as it gives Yasmeen a very clear motive to attack him, although as he reminds everyone she was on the sauce that night.  In telling the police Geoff attempts to get them to believe that he was embarassed by the events hence not mentioning it previously.

Aadi returns home and tells Dev that everyone at Oakhill knew who Asha was - and the story rumbles along.  Asha has spent much of the day being counselled by Nina who (apart from her musical tastes) is becoming the next generation Roy as she talks in wise terms to both Asha and later to Dev telling him to listen to his daughter.  Which he does and gives her a pep talk - to stand tall and say what she feels.  Asha, Summer and Nina are outside the medical centre when Corey and his "friends" wander by.  Suddenly a new Asha appears - well same body and face which is more than we can say for Aadi - but with attitude who calls Corey out for not standing by her, not speaking up and that he has missed his chance (above).  She later replays the action over dinner to Aadi and Dev  with some exaggeration.  I rather think she is her mother's daughter, I hope Sunita is proud!  Oddly Asha later gets texts from Corey and a smile spreads across her face; not sure he is quite toast yet as he says he is sorry!

Roy and David visit Shona in rehab.  David shows Shona a picture of Bethany but it does not spark any recognition.  Shona looks at the two men opposite her - nods at Roy and indicates that she is willing to live with him and to be honest knowing what devilment David has managed over the last what 20 years I endorse her decision!  Alice the carer will arrange a meeting and so Shona will soon be back on the Street in a 2 bed flat with Roy and Nina - so where will they all sleep?

If you want to know about Kirk's socks then do drop in on my Corrie Comicals where we might discuss ottomans, chairs and wardrobes.  Gary is keeping an eye on Kelly and pressing Billy to get her back to her mother.

Sally reports back to Alya that Geoff has admitted his trysts and his reporting them to the police.  Imran is unsure what will happen unless Yasmeen is prepared to defend herself and tell her story - which means pleading not guilty - which Alya will take up with Yasmeen as she has a visiting order.  Yasmeen initially rejects Alya's impassioned requests to change her approach - but when Alya reminds her it is a 15 year sentence and that Geoff was a bully and liar, who emotionally abused her - she needs to shout it from the rooftops (above).  Alya says that if Yasmeen does not do it then Geoff will do it with another woman.  And finally I think Alya has broken through as the mention of other women gives Yasmeen a reason which fits with her beliefs to make the stand.

We moved the stories along tonight - I think my lack of feeling for Yasmeen being subjected to this story has been mentioned before.  However in the last seconds of the programme as Alya hammered her point home I think I could sense a switch flicking in Yasmeen's head, just maybe.  The equally sudden empowerment of Asha was a bigger surprise.  I sense a real feisty lady there, another strong Northern lass!  My colleague merseytart with his Five Things took a look at the Shona story concluding that like Emmental there are more holes than cheese in the entire concoction. 

Written by Simon Crowther and directed by Abe Juckes


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Anonymous said...

Kirk and his cabinet comment was just so cringingly bad. Nobody can be that thick. How the writers think that is funny is beyond me, as is the actor agreeing to say such things.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused on why David would show Shona a picture of Bethany and not his own children whom she is stepmum to?
Surely it would be more important that Shona remembers Max[whom she now thinks is her son Clayton]and Lily then Bethany who's now in London?
First Sarah was upset that Shona didn't remember Harry and now Bethany?
Why is it more important that Shona remembers Sarah's children rather than David's?

abbyk said...

Because saying stupid things feeds his kids? I love when Kirk comes out with pearls of wisdom. They are gems but only happen a couple of times a year.


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