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Saturday 13 June 2020

Coronation Street Weekly Update, June 13 2020

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This week Yasmeen’s hearing took place in court. She’s all set to plead guilty to attacking Geoff and trying to kill him – that is, until Alya visits her in jail. She begs her gran, pleads with her to remember all the truly awful things that Geoff put her through, not least forcing her to eat her beloved chicken, Charlotte. We see Yasmeen taking in her granddaughter’s words, but will it be enough for her to change her plea?  Yasmeen is taken into court. Alya and Ryan, Cathy and Eileen are watching from the gallery. Yasmeen takes the stand and is asked how she pleads. She opens her mouth and… the episode ends! Now, that’s what I call a proper soap cliff hanger and in these days of reduced Coronation Street, just three times a week, we had to wait a further two days to know what Yasmeen was going to say (instead of just half an hour when we were being force fed six episodes per week).  Two days later, we’re back in court, Yasmeen pleads not guilty and the whole country cheered. Well, we did on our sofa. Geoff isn’t happy to hear the news, as you can imagine. And neither is he happy that Tim makes him move back into his own home after Sally expresses doubts about Geoff’s innocence. Add to the mix that Eileen is also a firm member of Team Yasmeen and it can only be a matter of time before the truth is known, Geoff’s locked up and we get our lovely Yasmeen back.

Elsewhere, Rick Neelan’s wife moves closer to Coronation Street and daughter Kelly moves in with her and out of living with Billy and Paul. Imran and Adam are wondering why Gary is spending so much time with Kelly and what his connection with the schoolgirl is. They reckon Gary has something to do with Rick Neelan disappearing (they’re right!) and are determined to find out what’s going on. Adam removes his wedding ring and starts chatting up Kelly’s mum Laura in an effort to get her to think he’s flirting with her, so she’ll confide in him about Rick’s whereabouts and whatnots.
Over at Dev’s house, now he’s put Asha and Aadi into posh Oakhill school his finances are taking a dive. We see him online using the Weatherfield search engine Voggle to look for quick loans. Oh, dearie me, Dev.

Meanwhile, a young woman turns up in the Kabin and tells a tale about needing cash. Cathy’s a sucker, falls for her story and gives the girl a fiver, as does Toyah. The girl takes the money and buys vodka in the Rovers. Just who is she and what does she want? She collars Sean and asks about Carla working behind the bar. The girl takes photos of Carla on her phone and then collars Carla in the ladies’ loo later. Carla has no idea who the woman is, but the woman knows Carla. Carla suggests taking their conversation out of the ladies’ loo and into the bar, but the woman replies with a menacing line: “Do you really want your pals to find out how I know you?”  This is all going to tie in with Carla’s missing weekend she had last year, so we’ll have to wait and see how this pans out.
And that’s just about that for this week.

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