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Friday 26 June 2020

Coronation Street spoiler: Character returns from Billy's past

Daniel Brocklebank, who plays Billy the vicar Mayhew in Coronation Street, has revealed that there's a huge storyline coming Billy's way.

Speaking at an ITV Media webinar presentation, Daniel said that someone from Billy's past will arrive and the person will cause a bit of a stir. He said that he was on the edge of his seat reading his new scripts when he learned about the new storyline and that he's buzzing for the next few months playing Billy.

I wonder who it might be? My guess, and it could well be wrong of course, is a return of Todd Grimshaw, perhaps, played by a new actor?

You can watch the full video webinar as it's open to all to see.  It's fascinating. It's all about Coronation Street reaching out to a new sponsor to take over from Compare the Meerkat/Market and to offer new branding opportunities around Corrie's 60th anniversary too.  Corrie producer Iain MacLeod also speaks on the webinar about challenges and opportunities caused by coronavirus.

It's all here.

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Den said...

Whilst I would love to see the return of Todd, it would have to be with Bruno Langley playing the part. And I absolutely understand and accept why this cannot happen.

Todd has always been my favourite character, witty, smart, sassy, gorgeous ... his coming out story alongside Tina O'Briens Sarah was just phenomenal in it's day. I adored Todd with Billy , they are missed, but as someone else said in a recent blog about Billy and Paul, there was something quite extraordinary in the chemistry between Dan and Bruno, very very raw and so very genuine. Bruno was an incredibly talented actor and he made Todd what he was, the facial expressions and his brilliant comedy timing, it's all very sad.

My immediate thought outside of Todd is a family member of Billy's, his mum perhaps. He mentioned her briefly back in 2016, saying that she left him and his brother when they were in their teens. That would be interesting. Dan seems very excited and I'm chuffed for him and excited that Billy has something coming up as it's been too long. Mr Brocklebank is a stand out star in the show and I'd really like to see him get his teeth stuck into something juicy (as long as it's not Paul :-) haha)

Anonymous said...

Den, I completely agree I was also quite fond of the character Todd, and have always wanted him to return, I realize it can't be Bruno playing the part but I hope they have re-cast Todd.

Llal said...

Could it be his druggy brother?

den said...

Llal, I think they've already been there done that with Lee. I'd of liked him to have stayed on the show the last time he popped up again, but Billy seems to have washed his hands of him again now.

But I wouldn't hate him arriving again, seems like this is someone new though.

Llal said...

Den - I think you're right, a new person. But yes, I'd like to see the brother pop up again, definitely think there's unfinished business there!

Anonymous said...

If it's Todd I will literally stop watching the soap, Billy and Paul are the show. Todd is past and he ruined Billy so for me Todd is a big no no and if he returns I won't be watching anymore

Anonymous said...


Louby said...

Could it be someone from the gang he was with when they killed Susan?

Samantha from Canada said...

I’d absolutely LOVE to see Todd back on Corrie, but only if Bruno Langley is playing him again. I’d be very very upset if they recast.

Meg said...

“Billy and Paul are the show” - they really aren’t anon. Billy’s a very interesting character who the show do underuse and who I’d love to see more of, Paul is a one storyline wonder, who has no defining characteristics outside of the story he was brought in for.

I can’t see the show bringing Todd back, he wasn’t CRAAAPPPP btw. Probably one of the most intriguing and watchable characters the show has had in the last twenty years.

As another poster said, Dan Brocklebank is a very capable actor, providing this is not more relationship angst between Billy and Paul, bringing someone else into Billy’s life does have lots of potential for Daniel.


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