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Monday 1 June 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 1st June

PC Tinker turns up to calm everyone down exacerbate the situation between the Nazirs and the Metcalfes. Craig reminds Alya that Ghastly Geoff owns half the house and that she and Ryan have no right to be there. After some argy-bargy, Alya hands over the keys and Geoff gets to work deleting the incriminating evidence on the webcam, interrupted by Tim. Geoff tells lots of lies and gets Tim to agree not to tell Sally about the CCTV. Staying at his son's, Geoff puts the webcam deep into the Metcalfe bin.

Maybe Craig should have dealt with the other situation, which is the disappearance of Shona from Casa Platt. She wanders round the never-seen-before back of Roy's Rolls, and the proprietor invites her in for a cup of tea and a double chocolate biscuit cookie. Roy always knows what to do. He sends Aggie to tell David Shona's there and she demands some crisps to go with her cookie. I'm down with Shona faking amnesia not remembering David and his family but not with this stroppy teenager act! David asks Roy if Shona can live with him and he agrees. Where's she going to sleep, the deep fat fryer?

Meanwhile at ITV Studios corridor Weathy High, Dev tells Aadi and Asha that they're leaving the school and going to Oakhill. Well it worked just fine for Rosie! Also, I'm not sure that Dev understands that the world wide web is, well, world-wide. Anyone at Oakhill only needs to google Asha Alahan.

In Bailey news, Michael decides to look after Tiana rather than go to Marbs with James. Get your holidays in whilst you still can, Mikey-boy!

Finally, Leanne and Nick bring Oliver home and Leanne's already done the medication timetable and won't let Nick help. That's all there is to say on that.

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Anonymous said...

So Tim nows knows about the CCTV's and is keeping quiet to protect his father?
I'm beginning to have doubts about Geoff getting his comeuppance as he seems to be getting his way and away with everything!
Shona's storyline is starting to get tedious too as it was only a few weeks ago she wanted a divorce from David so why is she back on the Street giving him false hope.

CK said...

Did Yasmeen not see that big icon of a camera called CCTV on his desktop when she was looking around on the laptop? And who is looking after the chickens?

Roni said...

Alya would be looking after the chickens if she was at the house. Will he kill them all and then choke on the bones?
My question is why didn't anyone see the camera in that disk tower? It was the only empty shelf and not hidden very well.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Oliver saga doesn’t drag on too long. I can’t listen to anymore of Leanne alternating between her silly baby voice when talking to Oliver or her hard edged snapping at everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would Shona be staying at Roys? She clearly isn't fully recovered yet. Where would she sleep?

coconno196 said...

Where would she sleep indeed? It's a 2-bedroom flat, Roy, Nina, Carla...


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