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Saturday 6 June 2020

Coronation Street Weekly Update, June 6 2020

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Geoff is back in his home on the Street. He destroys evidence on his laptop that could incriminate him with the cops when Yasmeen gives evidence in court. He also throws out the CCTV camera and watches as the binmen take it away with the trash. Speaking of trash, Geoff’s nights out with the escort girls come to light when Imran presents receipts for drinks in the bar and hotel to Yasmeen. 

Yasmeen admits to Imran what she knows about Geoff and the escorts and Imran tells Alya, who tells Sally, who tells Tim who tells his dad Geoff.  There was a wonderful line when Sally told Tim: “Your dad’s been seeing escorts!” to which Tim replied: “What? He’s after a new car?”  Anyway, now that Geoff knows his escort agency visits are public knowledge, he goes to the cops and “admits all”, saying this was the reason Yasmeen stabbed him. Alya also tells Sally about Geoff’s fake heart scare and fake suicide threats in the past. It’s all news to Sally who now keeps a beady eye on Geoff. Meanwhile in prison, Alya begs her gran to tell the truth about Geoff, but Yasmeen says she’s going to plead guilty.

Shona’s back on the Street with memory loss and she runs away from Gail’s house. Well, you can hardly blame her. Roy finds her in the lane at the back of Roy’s Rolls (and I don’t think we’ve seen this part of the set before) and takes her in. She can’t remember Roy or the caf√©, but Roy offers to take her in when he hears she’s run away from David and the Platts. Upstairs in Roy’s flat with Shona and her social worker, Roy cooks chocolate cookies for Shona. When the oven pings and the cookies are ready, Shona tries to lift the hot tray from the oven with her bare hands and burns them. It’s clear she’s still got a long way to go in the recovery process.

Adam and Imran begin to have their suspicions about Gary Windass and how much he knows about the missing drug dealer Rick Neelan. They start asking questions to Rick’s daughter Kelly, and she can’t understand what’s going on. Me neither, I seem to have lost the plot a little on this one! 

And finally this week, Dev takes his kids of out of Weatherfield High and sends them to posh,  expensive Oakhill instead. It’s where Sally sent Rosie and look how she turned out! But Dev reckons that no-one at the new school will know about Asha’s topless viral video but of course the do. Have all of Dev’s plans been in vain? It’s going to prove a very expensive mistake to make. And in a glorious scene, Asha gives Corey what-for in the street when she yells at him in front of all his mates about how much of a scumbag he is for recording her topless without her permission. 

And that’s just about that for this week.

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This week’s writers were Owen Lloyd-Fox (Monday); Simon Crowther (Wednesday and Friday). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online

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