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Monday 15 June 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 15th June

It's good to have a Carla storyline again isn't it? I know poor old Alison King was worked half to death with multiple storylines in her previous run as Mrs C and it seems as if the writers are giving her a bit of a break, but her last proper storyline was the mental health breakdown and that was over a year ago. It's this breakdown that's coming back to haunt her with Natalie from Nottingham II Chelsey attempting to blackmail her, saying Carla flushed a thousand pounds worth of someone else's drugs down the loo and if she doesn't cough up she'll tell Peter what she did to survive on the street. I know Carla was having a psychotic break, but she'd possibly remember if she'd turned to prostitution, non?  Peter attempts to give Chelsey twenty quiz to get lost but she thinks she can get £980 more. Someone's got to pay for her fine eyebrow threading and excellent dental work!

 Meanwhile, somebody else who was front and central and then disappeared to the world's longest grief retreat is back and refusing to go the pub quiz with Ken, who is also organising the street's VE Day celebrations. You're 6 weeks too late, Kenneth! Daniel is stood up by Adam and ends up talking to Sinead's photo about it.

Adam's got Laura-shaped fish to fry as he grills Kelly's mum re: Rotten Rick RIP. He lets it drop that he's a solicitor and she says she could use some help tracking down Rick for maintenance. Gary finds out that Laura and Kelly are living on Inkerman street and tells them to get shot. She says she will once Gary has persuaded Rick to cough up.

Sally snaps at her co-workers as they gossip about Geoff and Yasmeen and decamps to the pub where she refuses to sit with her husband and father in law. Geoff visits Sal at work and claims that he's always had her back and starts emotionally blackmailing her, saying that in a wife vs dad competition, Tim might choose Papa dearest. Not if he values his, um, life he won't.

Geoff says that no local solicitor will represent him in court (I thought Posh Paula was his lawyer?) and he doesn't have the readies anyway due to paying for Sally's wedding dress. Is this leading to Tim clearing out the joint account for his dastardly dad?

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Anonymous said...

It is good to see Carla back in the lime light. It's been way too long since she's had a story. I'd be quite happy to have the odd scene of Carla in the factory, or sipping a glass of red on her balcony or being all lovey dovey with Peter...
I wish the writers would understand it doesn't have to be misery all the time with Carla. She used to be fiesty and funny, and I miss that side of her.

Anonymous said...

Izzy was back to spouting her own opinion with that smirky look on her face again. I don’t see the point of her character. She barely had any interaction with Gary over the elusive Jake, no interaction either with the son of her dead sister. The only real storyline I remember is when she was jailed for possessing the cannabis that she desperately needed for pain relief and the by the time she came out of prison she didn’t need it and had miraculously sourced another pain relief.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

I think Izzy's a backgound character that isn't given any major storylines.
She was briefly involved with dodgy Derek at Xmas and I was disappointed she didn't find romance there.
Other background characters that need storylines are Cathy and Brian, Rita,Gail,Sean,Summer, Craig and Kirk.
Mary had the Jude and his family one, and now all she does is keep Tracy in the florist's company and dish out advice to Dev and his kids.


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