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Sunday 21 June 2020

Corrie Comicals week ending 19 June 2020

Out of the mouths of babes -  well in this case Sean.  Having lambasted the lack of factory scenes recently I thought I should record that we had one and whilst Geoff's physical scars are healing Sean is concerned about the emotional scars - and Sally has not noticed Geoff suffering much in that department but perhaps the current "Weatherfield One" (there always one isn't there?) is the one with the scarring?

Even Daniel realises that talking to a photo-frame is probably not a good idea!  Yup this lockdown can have strange mental impacts - and the virus has not reached Weatherfield yet!

And apart from that just where on the Street can you find a babysitter - it has been a running joke for years.  Then it struck me - Summer, Kelly, Asha, Faye, Amy, Nina, Alina, Emma, Simon maybe - all of an age when a bit of baby sitting money comes in useful.  Indeed we always used to complain that there were no babysitters apart from Aunty Emily and now the Street has a whole army; always plenty of people to sit the Street urchins!  And Ken VE Day was a few weeks ago - did you miss it?

Adam introduces Daniel and Jacinta.  Ever the old fashioned gentleman Daniel extends his hand.  Jacinta being one of these modern women leans in for an air kiss on the cheek.  Daniel's hand collides with Jacinta's breast.  I have news for Daniel from the future.  This will never happen again.  Initially she will have to stand so far away you cannot shake hands.  Then even when  a closer approach is permitted all of this air kissing and hugging will all go away.  We can go back to being polite at best shaking hand and possibly elbow biffing.  (Although when watching football I see goal scorers are still getting the odd hug from team-mates!).

Turning to Friday Alya is talking to Imran about Sally and she goes onto say that the underlying Sally is a deeply moral woman - Alya knows her.  The deeply moral woman who had an affair with Alex Jordan, flooding a bathroom and writing "whore" on a mirror (to make sure that Natalie knew that she knew!) and then had an affair with Ian Davenport.  Still "deeply moral" Alya?  If only you knew what we know (well Corriepedia knows but I thought it)

And I am not sure what game Evelyn is playing but Arthur makes a point of it being her round so she orders herself some water.  Later he just gets another round in - and of course she gets another water which I think makes her a camel.  Come on Evelyn - equality.  Then when it is her round again, it turns out Carla is buying everyone in the pub a drink!  Evelyn it does not count - stand your round.

See you next week I hope.

Writers: Cameron McAllister (Monday); Sam Holdsworth (Wednesday); Damon Alexis-Rochefort (Friday).
Directors: Emma Lindley (Monday); Tim Finn (Wednesday & Friday)


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Anonymous said...

I thought good on you Arthur when he called Evelyn’s bluff and got her another water. Arthur is just what she needs to put her in her place.


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