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Saturday, 4 January 2020

Corrie Comicals week ending 3 January 2020

David has been telling jokes to Shona in the hope that something will wake her.  He starts with telling Lily that Shona was asleep - like Snow White, but David is not sure he qualifies to be Prince Charming and reflecting on his height he is more like one of the dwarves (above).

The archivists have been in the filing cabinet and out popped Kev with his moustache; it was about 1990 that Steph shaved it off - but I think this is earlier probably about the time he and Sally got together in the late 80s.  Anyone able to date it more accurately?

The Tuesday episode had some great over-acting from Tracy as well as Kev and Mary (at separate times) wearing a horse's head.  But in the light of the above picture I felt that this shot when Kev realises he is Jason Donovan to Abi's Kylie took some beating.  Stunned!  Poor Kev, it is not going to be his night.  It is a long running soap trope that a couple are never able to get together as one or the other is otherwise engaged - and I am wondering how long Kev and Abi can defy the odds.  To be honest I reckon the stories of them "just missing" are great and are better than what we would get if they were "together".  Kev's last two big conquests were Jenny Bradley who was made at the time and then Anna Windass who was mad all the time!

Earlier this week I observed that in a family containing Steve, Tracy, Amy and Emma there is only one grown up and the supporting evidence is above where Amy keen to progress her work experience is about to take files around to the recently well laid Paula and she is telling Steve (and Ken) not to bother taking a brew into Tracy as they all know what she's like on a hangover and needs to stay "abed" as Ken observed!  Wednesday was full of some sharp one-liners and I was spoilt for choice!

Which brings me to Emma who is trying her "bandanage" skills - badinage is not what she has written on the back of her hand.  But she does it so well!  I suspect there are some writers who just love crafting a few lines for Emma!

Apparently last night in the Rovers Tracy was "banging on about her prison days and bedding more women than Madonna" which were words I never thought I had heard before or that would ever appear on Coronation Street (I am old and set in my ways).  So is Tracy our first pan-sexual character, or is she only bi-sexual - my apologies to those who understand all of this better than I do.  I also wonder if this heralds a return to Tracy's old bad ways; which would be good for this little blog!  Anyway Paula's badinage was rudely interrupted by a knock at the door as Amy provided some interruptus.

Sorry Jade.  I think I can guarantee that John Stape is not in heaven; indeed I think he is somewhere much, much warmer than that.  I realise you are trying to get little Hope to take an interest in the family but once she does her research she will be running hard in the other direction.

I am not omnipotent and so had no idea what was going on here but apparently Finbarr Saunders resides in Viz as a comic strip who finds double entendres in entirely innocuous conversations.  Earlier in the programme Abi made it clear to Ray - the Handsy owner of the Bistro - that she cannot deal with such wordplay and if he wants sex then he has to ask for sex - which he does again and she tears his shirt off his back as Sally comes in and the poor lass gets dropped on the floor (impossible to get a good screen grab I am sorry to say).

And as they say that is a wrap for this week!

Written by: John Kerr & Martin Allen (Monday), Cameron McAllister (Tuesday), Damon Alexis-Rochefort (Wednesday), Chris Fewtrell (Friday)
Directed by: Judith Dine (Monday), Michael Lacey (Tuesday & Wednesday & Friday)


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