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Thursday, 9 January 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 8th Jan 8.30 pm

Secrets are rarely kept on Coronation Street, and why should they be, we'd have no drama otherwise. Its's a concept that 60 years later hasn't changed - and tonight is no different!

Ooh, I love a bit of Tracy Barlow and to see her squirm, even better. Now that arch-enemy (and also Steve's baby mamma) Leanne has found out about her adultery with Paula, I wonder if she will drop her in it instead? Leanne talks to Amy and tries to help but typical Tracy - she's still scorned by Battersby's deceit and blatant self-righteousness. Seems Leanne can go hell's bell now and tell Steve everything?

Jade has also certainly dropped Fiz in it and plays the social services with her lies as well. A keen manipulator, Jade tells her story of being John's daughter and also mentions that Fiz is dangerous and that she hid the murder weapon in the Christmas day shooting. Although this rue doesn't give Jade access to the girls, the police are still soon knocking at number 9 ready to take Fiz for a trip to Weatherfield cop shop. What a nightmare! Evelyn tries to investigate where Jade is living in hope of helping them out. Returning from the cop shop, Fiz takes note of the address and decides to visit Jade.

At the photoshoot, Chesney wakes up late for work and is slightly distracted by Freshco's fancy treats and the 'green room'. Eventually arriving home, Dev pays them a visit and realises that Gemma isn't poorly at all and that Chesney has been fraternising on work time with Freshco. He gives Chesney an ultimatum; it kebabs or Freshco! I wonder why Dev is kicking off like this when he nearly killed Rita with his dodgy Christmas tree? Anyway, Chesney gets the chop.

Recent Christmas events are also recollected by Aggie's mind as she regales Robert's death to the Weatherfield Gazette's journalist. Aggie reveals that she used to be a nurse - she's just taking a break from the profession whilst working in Roy's. I thought she was a pharmacist?  Anyway, it seems the Bailey's are also hiding (another) secret.

Finding Jade at her flat Fiz makes threats and Jade reveals what she knows about her father John Stape. The majority of her paternal knowledge seems to be peppered with blinkered nostalgia, skirting over the issues of him being a mass-murdering manipulative monster.  Jade certainly seems to have inherited some of John Stape's personality traits that is for sure! Just how far will she to go to break up this family?

Meanwhile, Imran breaks the news that Josh has received a 15-year sentence for rape. It's good news for David and considering this week's national news, it's rather prophetic.

60 years later, Corrie is still raising awareness of real social issues which mirror a modern society - well done all!

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CK said...

What is Jade doing for money? Does she seriously think she can get custody of Hope without a job? I wonder who Jade's mom is

Louby said...

I also thought that Aggie had been a pharmacist, maybe I read that in early publicity for the family and the script writers have since changed her to an ex nurse.

Is there any chance that Jade is not John's daughter after all? She's just crazy! She could have found out stuff about Fiz and Hope from news archives. That would explain why John never mentioned her!

Newfy Pearl said...

Ken did not mention the son that showed up on his doorstep with a son years in terms of a plot twist, yes John could have had a child and did not share it. He was very deceptive, especially if he thought it served his purpose. lol

Humpty Dumpty said...

On the one hand, if Jade really was John's daughter, we would have seen her talking to his photos, promising to do the right thing. As it is, she's been to his grave which is in a public place and not that difficult to locate. Perhaps she's read John's story in the paper and saw some similarity with her own family. Another possibility - which I think would be great - is that she does indeed have a connection with John, through Charlotte Hoyle, the 'half-woman, half-pistachio'. Maybe a daughter, not his but Charlotte told her that John was her father. Who knows what stories Charlotte might have told her about Fiz? Or perhaps it was her grandparents whom she went to live with around the age of 12 when Charlotte died. Oh, I hope it's that even if it is highly unlikely!


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