Monday, 13 January 2020

The secret’s out - what’s next for Jade? Lottie Henshall interview

With one of Corrie’s biggest revelations of the year, Jade Rowan has been the centre of a huge storyline for some time now. With all of her secrets now out in the open, what will be Jade’s next move?

I spoke to Lottie Henshall, who plays Jade, as well as Jennie McAlpine (Fiz) and Alan Halsall (Tyrone) to find out more about how this story will unravel.

Jade is definitely her father’s daughter, and Lottie agrees: “We’re talking about how John [Stape] was as a person. He killed four people, didn’t he? But it was never on purpose, like he wasn’t a cold-blooded killer.

“All [Jade] wants is Hope. She’s been brainwashed by her mum, life has been a complete lie and she genuinely is convinced that Fiz is dangerous for Hope. All she wants is to look after her sister, really. She is going about it in a very John Stape way; she’s going about it in the wrong way but her intentions are just because she loves Hope so much.”

If you cast your mind back, everyone will remember that John could be quite an intense character when someone got in his way, which is something Lottie had to bare in mind when watching YouTube videos of her onscreen dad.

“I watched them all. Just to find out more about him and I’ve sort of done it quite a lot because ther was a time because of Uni and college, I missed Corrie quite a bit... but I always watched the John Stape bit so I knew, I knew anyway but I did rewatch it.”

When speaking about carrying on John’s iconic legacy, Lottie said: “It’s a privilege, isn’t it? Just to be in Corrie anyway but to come in with such a big storyline and bring back John Stape. I mean, the reveal of it where it goes to the gravestone, I filmed it but I was still like, ‘Oh my God!’ But yeah, it is an honour.”

Jade seemingly has what she wants now that Hope has been taken away from Fiz- but is this the end?

Sophie Williams

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Louby said...

Killed four people? I can think of Colin, Colin's mum and Charlotte. And Charlotte was most definitely killed on purpose!

The whole John Stape thing was something to forget about in my opinion. Ridiculous storyline but it's had a few to rival it since!

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