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Saturday, 11 January 2020

Coronation Street episode review 10 January 2020

On Wednesday Steve was chasing around vets to get Sylvester chipped, it turns out he also had some jabs!  The pussy is entirely secondary to the main drama of Tracy and Steve this evening as it runs through much of the two episodes.  Initially Steve and Tracy verbally spar - Steve knows something is wrong but cannot find out what.  At the solicitor's office Leanne keeps pressing Paula for the dirt from New Year's morning but Paula is giving nothing away and Tracy comes in to apologise to Leanne in the hope of keeping her quiet, so Paula departs.  Tracy promises to try and stay in Leanne's good books but it does not seem likely.  Leanne wants to know what it was like - Tracy admits she would probably not repeat the experiment but it was a nice for a visit.  She also admits that not is well in that department with Steve (I wonder if he has some ailment impacting his performance?).  When Paula returns with coffee she tells Leanne that Sally has invited her to an lunch hour in the hot tub and wants to know if Leanne wants to join them, Leanne agrees providing there is no funny business but apparently Leanne is not Paula's type!  And Tracy is?  Paula admits to liking both men and women.  Steve decides the solution to his problem with Tracy is a trip to the hot tub - which they find is already occupied by Sally, Paula (being very modest in her clothing) and Leanne who starts quizzing everyone about New Year's Eve. 

Paula and Tracy go indoors and argue where inevitably Sally overhears (above).  No keeping this secret is there!  Sal and Leanne assure Steve that there is no other man involved but Steve still manages to compute that Tracy has slept with someone else from the reactions of the mother of his child!  Tracy and Paula return to the McDonald flat and Steve follows in his dressing gown.  Initially Paula hides in the bathroom but Steve hears a noise and finds her after Tracy admits that she did sleep with the lawyer.  A massive light bulb comes on above Steve's head!  Tracy reckons it is not important and Steve is not interested in her or her body.  They argue throwing the problems encountered at each other.  Steve wants to end the argument and stomps out, stops, runs round as he remembered he was wearing his dressing gown!

Sally tells Tim, who tells Kev who explains about "Tourism" as people "try it on for size" according to Sophie!  Steve, Tim and Kev assemble in the Rovers and are discussing the subject when Paula comes in telling off Leanne for taunting (and enjoying it) Tracy.  Paula comes across and apologises to Steve.  Emma also comes in and hears some of the verbal sparring and now just about everyone knows!  Emma takes him back to her flat and they discuss, the adultery, the shock and the gay thing.  Wisely Emma says it is no better or worse than it had been a man.  Steve says that he does love Tracy but perhaps has not been paying her enough attention but he knows she is the one he is supposed to be with forever.  He admits he does not want to lose her.  Emma tells him to tell Tracy the same.  At the moment Tracy feels unloved and neither of them know the solution.

The Weatherfield Gazette wants to interview Aggie in connection with the Golden Heart award but Aggie is reluctant - after all Robert died.  Aggie has been thinking about why she left nursing (when she was introduced we were told that she was a pharmacist - not a nurse) and has decided to tell Roy when it gets quieter.  She later explains that there was a patient where the bed notes did not show his allergies.  When he died she felt responsible although no blame was cast.  No-one knows and she simply resigned because she started doubting her actions.  This gives Roy food for thought.  The reporter is taken to one side by Bernie who imparts the story of Dev sacking Chesney. 

Aggie sees David to reassure him about Shona as she has practical experience and later at home tells her sons that people are confused about comas.  Apparently David wishes that Aggie was looking after Shona.  Both boys think she should return to work. 

Dev is working in the kebab shop moaning about Freshco putting other corner shops out of business; Cathy reminds him that Chesney has 5 children.  Kev puts his head around the door to tell Dev off for sacking Chesney.  Ches and Gemma review the Freshco photos and find that the chaperones have been used as "stand-in parents".  They decide the photos cannot be used.  Over at the kebab shop Cathy tells Dev that they have run out burgers as the delivery did not happen and only Chesney knows the magic number.  With no money Chesney goes to see Dev to eat humble pie and they hug.  The reporter asks Dev about sacking Chesney and the conversation ends with Chesney being sacked again (above).  Gemma is left with little choice but to phone Freshco and take the money!

Yasmeen wants a new carpet.  Geoff tells her to get some new clothes and they go out for a major shopping exercise returning later with numerous bags and Yasmeen later demonstrates her extensive purchases all of which to her face Geoff approves (above) particularly the skirt and boots.  He talks her out of a trip to see Cathy in the pub as he wants a cup of tea and Cathy is annoyed as Yasmeen is regularly cancelling their arrangements to meet and is constantly cleaning the house.

Chesney and Fiz discuss her immediate threat of prison for hiding the truth about the gun she acquired.  Ty has been given the day off and he returns home to find Fiz worrying as she has not been able to contact Gary and does not know what is happening.  The police return Gary to his lock up.  He and Fiz agree that despite Jade they are both sticking to the story on there being only one antique gun.  Ty wants them to come clean as he reckons the police will work out what happened. 

Tonight was a nice episode; OK infidelity is no laughing matter but Jane Danson is back on top form after a quiet year; long may she be given the stories.  Cathy is promising to have a word with Yasmeen over her OCD and her persistent cleaning - that is bound to upset Geoff.  Gary and Fiz will eventually have to come clean - what will happen to the children?  And are Freshco and the Corner Shop really in competition - surely the Co-op by the tram stop is closer?

Hope you enjoyed it.  The wonderful Ms Kelstar will be here next week.

Written by Simon Crowther and directed by David Beauchamp.


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