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Thursday, 9 January 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 08 Jan 2020 7.30 pm

Things are now really beginning to fall flat for Fiz in what can only be described as a nightmare week for the mum. All Hope (& Ruby) has been lost with 'the girls' staying at Kev's, Jade's nefarious plan is now truly in motion. Although, with Jade still feigning innocence, how long before her mask also falls? Announcing she's leaving the fold, Ty and Fiz seek legal advice while Jade sneakily lets the girls slip out of Kevin's backyard and swiftly disappears.

Ruby and Hope head over to see their mum, but not before social services (un)conveniently arrive to take them away.

Seeking respite from the Freshco four, Chesney is looking forward to going back to work but not before they have the quads' photo shoot. He lies to Dev so he can be involved, claiming Gemma is poorly. Leanne and Steve are also squabbling over childcare as Tracy's kitten needs chipping - so he can't look after Oliver! Leanne pours scorn on Tracy in idle gossip to Paula, and the lawyer defends her former bedroom partner. Later, at the solicitors, Leanne 'accidentally' overhears Paula and Tracy discussing their secret tryst.  Surely the cat is now out of the bag? Whilst on the subject, is Tracy's 'kitten' some kind of saucy double-entendre seaside postcard metaphor - or is it just me?

Another secret is also revealed when Fiz and Ty are informed that Hope has a half-sister that could look after them. Jade's mask finally slips. Would it have been better if we only found about Jade, like tonight, rather than several weeks ago?

News spreads of Shona's lucid coma - will she wake-up? David decides to record the sounds of Roy's baps and steamy fry-ups to try and stir her senses. Maybe he could waft some bacon in her room, it used to work for me but I guess a coma is a bit different to a massive hangover!

I've enjoyed seeing David and Nick as pals again, rather than enemies, How long will that last? Its as though that £80K theft/ jail time never happened?!

Covering Shona's cafe shifts, Aggie worries and tells James that she wishes she could have done more to save Robert. James gets on his phone, and soon enough the Weatherfield Gazette is keen on the story, and a possible award.

At the photoshoot, Gemma and Chesney are relieved of the quads and are left alone in the showhome's immaculate green room aka bedroom. Rather than imagining Chesney and Gemma procreating again, I'm glad to see them drop off into well-deserved sleep. Abruptly awoken, Chesney realises he's slept in and is late for work!

Don't be late like Chesney, keep an eye on this blog for my next episode review which publishes in a bit!

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