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Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Sian Reeves interview: I've been flirting with Corrie for a while

So you’ve joined Coronation Street, how did the role come about?
I’ve been flirting with Coronation Street for a quite a while actually, I’ve always wanted to be in it. I got down to the final screen test to play Gina, Sally’s sister, and Sally and Michael were so lovely that when this part came up I was thrilled. The character of Charlie Wood has ticked every box for me and I still get to work with Sally. Joe Duttine is also such good fun to work with as well, this storyline has got Tim in such a spin. 

How did you feel about joining a different soap?
I’ve watched Coronation Street since I was a little girl so I was a bit emotional when I walked into the Rovers bar for the first time. There are so many memories attached for me from watching with my grandparents, I remember Ena Sharples, Annie Walker, all the black and white episodes with William Roache so it was a very emotional time for me. I’ve had a very warm welcome, it’s been lovely.   

Tell us a bit about Charlie?
Charlie Wood is an air hostess who has let time go by, I think the most exciting thing that ever happened to her is that on one crazy weekend in Las Vegas she got drunk with Tim and got married! Time has whizzed by and 15 years later she’s still an air hostess, she hasn’t met anyone else, being married to Tim has actually served as a really good deterrent to any other useless bloke trying to come on to her. So then when Tim shows back up after all this time she really thinks that he’s looked her up.

What sort of character is she?
She hasn’t had much money, or excitement in her life. I think she’s one of those vulnerable people who hasn’t ever been paid much attention or praise so Tim’s sudden appearance really prays on that and works in totally the opposite way to which Tim had intended. He’s being so nice to her because he wants her to sign the divorce papers but she thinks he’s being nice to her because he likes her. When she then loses her job and gets evicted, and is possibly in money trouble with some people, the fact that Tim is being so kind tells her he must be in love with her. Then suddenly everything just seems to work out; she gets a job in the Rovers, a room above the pub, it’s like a dream come true for her. Everyone is so nice to her, she’s the happiest she’s ever been and she’s thinking they should give their relationship a go. She has no idea Tim is married, he says that Sally is his sister. It’s written so well, Tim spends most of his time tongue tied, its just all happens so fast and suddenly this woman has got a job on the street and moved into the Rovers. Tim’s just absolutely stunned by Charlie but can only be pleasant to her really because she’s so nice.       

Do you think people will like her, there is a lot of love for Tim and Sally?
She is a nice person, she’s not a bitch who’s just trying to get money out of Tim, I think she is in some financial difficulty, she’s lost her job, everything has escalated and she’s quite nervy. So this all works out like a dream for her, she finds a job on the street, a home and a potential divorce settlement. I think she is quite endearing, Tim found her not the other way round and he’s the one who hasn’t come clean. 

Does Charlie have a game plan here?
I think it’s just opportunistic, it all just works out so well for her. He’s turned up and is plaguing her with phone calls, making out that he’s someone who cares. I think being an air hostess she’s never really had a home, or roots and suddenly she’s 40. 

What does she want from Tim?
She wants a future with him, she sees he has a daughter, she’s ready to be a step-mum, she thinks she could make a life here for herself. 

Do you think we could see her sticking around?
I think she could definately come back, she’s got a job at the Rovers now, she loved it there with Jenny. I think she’s just a bit lost and she felt welcome there. And for me it would be very nice if the writers fancied Charlie coming back. 

Do you have any friends on the show?  Who are you enjoying working with?
I’d love to work with David Neilson (Roy), get my hair done with Audrey and I didn’t get to meet Barbara Knox which I would have adored. I did however get to meet the lovely William Roache and I had a great scene with Bev Callard who was so welcoming. I did well, I got on the cobbles and I got behind the bar of the Rovers so I ticked a lot of boxes. It’s emotional in the Rovers, Betty is there on the wall and it’s full of nostalgia, I’m very proud to have been a little part of it.

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