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Friday, 24 January 2020

5 questions to be asked about Jade

I'm not one to condone violence but I have to admit I let out a cheer when Fiz whopped Jade around the chops earlier this week. It's been an intriguing storyline to watch. However, there are some questions I'd like answered. If you can help, please do!

Has anyone actually verified that Jade is John Stape's daughter? 

How old is Jade supposed to be? According to Corriepedia, John Stape was born in 1978 and was 33 years old when he died in 2011. So where does Jade come into any of this?

As our blogger Emma pointed out on Twitter this week, how did Jade know that her dad kept a copy of Paradise Lost when he imprisoned Fiz in the loft?

Who is Jade's mum and why hasn't she come to find her daughter?

How can Jade afford to rent a house when she's not working and has no visible means of income?

Confused? Just a bit!

One last question - has Fiz killed Jade? 

You can find out by reading tonight's preview of the show.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Here's my explanation. Jade is in fact Charlotte's (half woman/half pistachio) daughter but not John's. I'm sure the writers can retcon any age anomalies! Jade has her information about John and Fiz either direct from her mother or she read her mother's diaries after her death. Jade, like her mother, is disturbed and the whole thing is fantasy. I've never bought the plot line that Jade was seriously worried about her half sister and was going to bizarre lengths to save her. If she had truly been John's daughter, she might have acted as she has in order to punish Fiz for her father's death. But that's not the way she's being played. Her mother has not come to rescue her because she's dead and Jade is now back living in her mother's house. Why didn't we know Charlotte had a daughter? Or perhaps we did. Anyway,that's one for the writers to sort out.

Martin Leay said...

The current residents of Weatherfield seem to be quite laissez-faire about verification in these matters. Tyrone and Evelyn were happy to assume they are related on the basis of a hunch, and Roy and Richard identified themselves as brothers through some old letters. It was totally out of character for Roy not to have confirmed their relationship through a DNA test.

Martin Leay said...

Also, perhaps the loft thing is just a bizarre coincidence. If Jade knows anything about John, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for her to know about his love for that book. I’m as confused as you about everything else!

Flo said...

Even my husband (who isn't a diehard viewer!) questioned the whole thing about her actually being a relative. And yes, where is she getting money to rent anything, let alone a house when it's obvious that she's not got a job at the moment? It's little details like these that make it frustrating to watch. I realize it's a soap, but stretching the reality to the extreme just to create a storyline is a bit much.

Louby said...

I thought that about the house! I've also wondered if she's making the whole thing up about being John's daughter. Someone (Alya I think) said just this week that she had read about John online. Let's say that Jade, already a bit unhinged, had a bit of a dig online for info about Fiz and Hope when they arrived in Birmingham and bingo! Her warped mind then came up with the plot to claim Hope as her own sister.

Far fetched? Well yes but I'm sure the script writers have done worse!

As for the age thing, John would have been 41/42 by now so if it was a school age relationship Jade could potentially be 25 ish easily.

Newfy Pearl said...

I wonder how well they thought this one out. Would have made much more sense to be a younger sister than to be a daughter. And how implausible that she meet Fizz at that place for troubled children.
If she is the daughter of Charlotte and Charlotte lied about John being her father....when would this have happened? I can't see this working at all. Maybe all will be explained in the end, but for now Corrie has dropped the ball on this big time!

Anonymous said...

IfJade is indeed John Stape's daughter, he would have had to be a teen dad. But I think it more likely she either read about him in a newspaper or online, or perhaps she was a former pupil of his who was very attached to her teacher and then became obsessed. Fiz was wrong to bring a stranger into her home. She only knew Jade from Hope's special school. Fiz was vulnerable because she was worried about Hope's problems, and Jade is a manipulative little bugger. So bad combination. But the worst thing is how Corrie has dumbed down characters like Fiz. No one is that dumb in real life!

Anonymous said...

no matter what the answers are I cannot wait until this story is over. Wearing out the fast forward button. Let Fiz go to jail and let the manipulative Jade have Hope and go away.


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