Tuesday, 7 January 2020

"Horrific" storyline coming for Tracy and Steve

In this week's Inside Soap magazine there's a very long interview with Coronation Street producer Iain MacLeod who has a few things to say about storylines coming up in 2020. There's so much to share that I'll be blogging these over a few different posts - so stay tuned.

In this blog post I'd like to share what Iain says about a horrific storyline coming for Tracy and Steve this year.

Iain MacLeod tells Inside Soap this:

"At the back of Tracy's mind is this terrible suspicion that she loves Steve more than he loves her. So the calamity of her betrayal at New Year will stem from that, and turn into a heartfelt story where Steve is forced to realise that he does love Tracy. (me: It could be this).

"That will build towards early spring into a huge story where, having re-established Steve and Tracy's relationship on its strongest footing, something will happen that has the most far-reaching impact of any story we've done since I've been on the show. (me: Ooh!)

"Something horrific occurs that draws in a few different clans on the Street and forces them to deal with the hardest thing anyone would ever have to deal with."

Crikey. What on earth could it possibly be?

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Anonymous said...

Sounds very intriguing. The death of a child (not baby) is something that rarely happens in soap, and fits in with all the things he has said.

Perhaps Oliver dying?

C in Canada said...

Yikes, Anon's comment above does sound horrible. I hope that's not the case.

Anonymous said...

If that's the case then it's more likely that Amy will die, because as bad as Oliver dying would be it wouldn't affect Tracy as much (and going by what's being said, it's something horrible for *both* of them).

Anonymous said...

Maybe Oliver unintentionally dies because of Tracy

coconno196 said...

Ugh! No deaths please, though I could understand if Elle Mulvanney, a talented actress, wanted to spread her wings or concentrate on her education. But I am fed up of all the melodrama. I like Steve and Tracy together. Let them have a period of stability as they evolve into the new Jack and Vera.

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