Monday, 13 January 2020

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 13 Jan


FIZ TAKES A SHOT AT THE TRUTH Fiz goes back to the police and reveals how she unwittingly bought a gun as part of a house clearance, it disappeared and she panicked. Fiz assures Gary that she kept his name out of it. Christine calls at No.9 and tells Tyrone that the social care team have decided that the girls may return home but Fiz must move out whilst investigations continue.
GEOFF IS CROSS WITH YASMEEN Faking a coughing fit Geoff shows Yasmeen the cleaning rota which he’s drawn up, ordering her to get cracking while he has business at the hospital. When Cathy bumps into Yasmeen coming out of the shop carrying a load of cleaning products, her suspicions are piqued. Suggesting they have lunch and a bottle of wine at No.6, Cathy quizzes Yasmeen about her cleaning obsession. Yasmeen insists that she just likes a tidy house and she’s never been happier. But when Geoff returns and finds them both tipsy, Yasmeen’s immediately on edge and Cathy takes her cue to leave. Geoff tears a strip off Yasmeen for failing to do her chores and choosing to get drunk instead. When Geoff reveals he left a mark on the skirting board as a test to catch her our, Yasmeen feels sick.
AGGIE NURSES A PRIVATE AMBITION Aggie confides in Ed that she’s considering returning to nursing. Aggie’s thrilled to find out  she’s been shortlisted for the Golden Heart Award.
ELSEWHERE Tracy confides in Liz that she’s not sure her marriage is worth saving. As Sally leaves to stay with Gina, Tim consults Imran about getting a divorce from Charlie. Imran warns he could be in trouble if the police pick up on his bigamy. Having returned from Richard’s funeral, Roy goes to check up on Nina. He’s horrified to see her front door splattered with eggs.


GEOFF SHOWS HIS HAND As Geoff and Yasmeen row about her cleaning efforts a tussle ensues over the vacuum and Geoff falls and hits his face on a table. Mortified, Yasmeen goes to fetch some ice. When Cathy returns to collect her bag, Geoff is unaware and launches into another tirade of abuse. Grabbing her bag, a shocked Cathy hurries out. Geoff apologises to Yasmeen and presents her with a state of the art vacuum. Cathy confides in Brian how she witnessed Geoff being really nasty to Yasmeen and she’s worried about her friend.
FIZ PUTS HERSELF IN THE FIRING LINE A furious Tyrone insists there’s no way Fiz would ever hurt Hope but Christine explains that she has to follow procedure. A tearful Fiz concedes that she’ll go and stay in a B&B so the girls can return home. With the girls back Tyrone tries to question Hope about her injuries and the lies she told about Mummy but Hope remains silent.
CAN STEVE AND TRACY FIND A WAY THROUGH? In an attempt to rebuild their marriage, Steve gets down on one knee and asks Tracy to re-marry him.
ELSEWHERE Worried that Nina is being targeted by bullies, Roy suggests she comes to stay with him but Nina insists she’s fine. Daniel plays Bertie the video Sinead made for his birthday. When Bertie’s face lights up at the sight of his Mummy, Daniel is reduced to tears.


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coconno196 said...

If Cathy and Yazmeen drank a bottle of wine each they would be more than tipsy, they'd be barely conscious!

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