Monday, 27 January 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 27th January

I'm not sure why Daniel's called in Peter for parenting advice; he didn't even see Simon until he was 6. Daniel knows enough to call the ambulance when he finds Baby Bertie unconscious. Bertie has measles (and coincidentally, Maria is feeling very poorly and can't accompany Gary to Bristol). As Daniel admits that Bertie didn't have his jabs, both he and Beth act according to type: Beth kicks off and blames Daniel (and Bethany) for everything and Daniel has his usual reaction to stress, which is to have a meltdown. He chucks out the loitering Barlows and tortures himself until Bethany turns up to comfort him. They hug but he pushes her away and he asks her to leave also.

Great that Corrie is doing an anti-anti-vax story ("they're out there with the flat-earthers and climate change deniers", "pseudo-scientific claptrap"); kind of an interesting angle is that it's not because Daniel somehow thinks he knows more than decades of medical expertise, but because he couldn't bear to see lickle Bertie in pain.

Also, Daniel's beard looks like it's in need of some grooming. Hasn't he inherited a beard oil empire?

Ty and Fiz argue about Lady Mayoress of Crazytown (Jade) and whether she should be allowed to see Princess of Pyromania (Hope). The Stape-Dobbs try to get the social worker to nix it, but she says it's up to them. Meanwhile, Hope is up to her usual tricks and floods the school bathroom, in order to get expelled so that Jade will come back to teach her. Ty suggests they let Jade see Hope in secret, but Fiz tells Jade that she can't see her half-sis until she's been assessed. Is Duplicitous Fantasist a box you can tick? Jade tells Fiz that John Stape never knew she existed and it was her mum sending Christmas cards from him to her. I still can't see John as a teenage lothario, to be honest.

Someone else with an unwelcome family member is Tim - Charlie is still living at his house and nicking Sally's bubble bath and face mask, to boot. She is moving out though, as Jenny's offered her the B&B room (for a reduction in wages, I imagine). Tim recruits Abi to help get rid of her, with mixed results. I would've thought that Tim would welcome a wife working in the Rovers - staff discount!? Tim flatters Charlie, saying she should be pouring champers for Roger Federer and P Diddy in first class rather than working in the Rovers; unfortunately this doesn't convince Charlie that she should quit but that Tim is the man for her.

The firebombers have been caught so Chemma move back in with their many may babies. Paul has even installed a new (stable) door and Edison an alarm system, which immediately goes off, waking the quads. They take them out for a walk and have chips in the wildlife garden and all is fine (for now, at least).

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Anonymous said...

Something that baffled me tonight, and maybe I've got confused here...

If John never contacted Jade as he didn't know her existence, how could Jade know about him reading Paradise Lost? Unless this was something her mum made up in her forged cards, but from everyone else's reaction I took it that he really was reading it.

dhvinyl said...

Many thanks, have happily convinced me this is another episode I don’t have to watch !,

Louby said...

It's weird that Jade's mother still hasn't been identified, even given a name. Too many holes in this plot. It's certainly time it was over!

Anonymous said...

Gemma was back to her usual eating with her gob open. It was so endearing that Ches gave her a hug!

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