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Friday, 17 January 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 17 January

Evening Corrie fans it’s Kelly here with your Friday night Corrie review.

Over at the hospital Shona has regained consciousness. It should be good news but as she comes around David is shocked to realise that she doesn’t remember him and that in her coma she seems to have turned into Pete Burns (seriously who knew they did lip filler on the NHS?). The therapist tells him that she has serious cognitive and memory issues and will need to go to a neurological rehabilitation centre for…hmm now what could it be…six months to year. David refuses to believe she is going on maternity leave has a brain injury and tries to jog her memory by bringing Lilly and Max into the hospital and showing Shona their wedding album. Both plans fail miserably. Shona mistakes Max for Clayton and is scared and distressed at seeing pictures of a wedding she has no recollection of. Still, if someone told you that you had Gail for a mother-in-law you might consider memory loss to be something of a blessing.

Meanwhile Paul is feeling upset about Kel so Sean tells him about Bernie’s ridiculous entrapment plan. Paul is initially furious with his mum but still agrees to go with her to the park where she’s thinking she’ll be able to film Kel making a confession. Somehow by the magic of technology this is all streamed to Gemma’s laptop, (don’t ask me how, I’m writing this blog with a quill and some ink), and before you can say ‘inadmissible evidence’ Gemma rushes to the park to join in with the sting. When Kel arrives Bernie’s subtly jumps out on him brandishing her phone and shouts at him to admit that he was trying to meet with a 14-year-old boy. Unsurprisingly he doesn’t take too kindly to this and they have a scuffle ending with her grabbing his bag and him running off. When the Winter clan  find that the bag contains lager and condom’s they rush to the police but are bemused when they’re told that carrying lager and condoms isn’t actually illegal and that their entrapment could have wrecked any possible case against Kel. 

Over at the café, Nina drops in to return Hayley’s sewing machine and Roy invites her up to the flat for a cup of tea. He’s delighted when she suggests they play a game of chess and as they bond over the merits of the Queen, he warns her against internalising grief and again suggests she move in with him away from her harassing neighbours. Fiercely protective of her independence Nina again refuses. I just love these two together and would happily watch a whole episode of them, so I’m hoping that her pride is quite short-lived. In other intellectual news Abi passes her Maths and English GCSE’s to the delight of Brian.

Over at No. 6 the hideous waste of organs that is Geoff (or H-woo as he shall now be called) is continuing his torment of Yasmeen. He isolates her further by persuading her to stay away from Speed Dahl (and therefore anyone who isn’t him), before graciously doling out £10 for her to buy more cleaning products. Later when he comes home and she’s made him a lovely meal he complains that it’s chicken rather than lamb before guilting her further by producing a bottle of non-alcoholic wine. He also insidiously hints that she shouldn’t see Cathy anymore. Oh just enough now H-woo you odious ugly little man!

Finally, Fizz is being blanked by all her alleged friends who have never done anything wrong in their lives. Then to make matters worse, Jade deliberately causes a scene in the street. Making sure she’s got an audience, she tells Fizz that she never intended for her to lose her kids but she has only got herself to blame. Before Fizz loses her temper, Evelyn gets involved and brilliantly turns her Corrie battle-axe all the way up to 11 as she tells Jade in no uncertain terms what she’d like to do to her. Jade wisely leaves before getting a Plumber pounding but when she’s alone she pulls out Hope’s passport and books two one-way tickets to France for the pair of them. Poor France, no doubt they thought that they could leave riots and civil unrest in 2019 and now Hope Stape is on her way. I predict the whole country will be burnt to the ground by Valentine’s Day. Sacre Bleu!

And that's all for tonight. If any of you can dream up any appropriate medieval torture for H-woo do let me know in the comments or on twitter @mskelstar. Catch you back here in a fortnight. 

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coconno196 said...

Why does Hope have a passport?! Fizz and Tyrone are always broke and can barely afford to eat, let alone go on foreign holidays. I can't even remember them ever having a holiday in the UK.

Kathy Thomson said...

Congratulations & Thank you for your excellent summing up. I’m from NZ & this is the first time I’ve come across your site. Keep up the good work. I have watched Corro since the beginning, Love it 🌺😁💖


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