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Friday, 24 January 2020

Corrie Comicals week ending 24 January 2020

A rotten week for me: a visit to the doctor, this pc is dying and the credit card has been cloned apparently.  Let us see if we can cheer ourselves up with some of the week's events in Weatherfield.  So starting with Nick (once again displaying his resting bitch face above) may seem a contradiction - whilst he and David have been discussing Shona, David has been busy frying food - without any steam, smoke or fat spitting - was the cooker actually "on"?  Nick merely observes that he is not getting his meat quotient (above) as non-meat sausages are foul!

Quick thinking Abi has saved the day again - dashing from the garage with a fire extinguisher.  So why is she quite so fed up?  Simple - neither Chesney or Gemma could be bothered to thank her - they are all far more worried about the quads.  I have a feeling she got no thanks the last time she saved Jack (I think), hopefully her efforts will be recognised at some point.

At this point the Ty/Fiz household does not know that Hope left the door open when she departed in the night, so when Ty chides Evelyn over being forgetful she points out that she is very security minded and sleeps with a cricket bat under her bed.  Judging by later events I would suggest that a chopping board might be more effective and pretty dangerous in the right hands!

Maria and Gary are proudly waving the baby scan print under everyone's nose - in this case Emma - and Sarah makes the crack about being able to see a loan shark fin (above).  It takes Emma about 3 minutes to catch on to Sarah's meaning!  The timing was superb.

Bethany has just been telling her mother that she is NOT managing the Bistro and that she feels she has dodged a bullet - which Carla above overhears (above) and observes that it would not be the first time in the Rovers - nor in the Bistro where not so long ago Michelle was gunned down on her "wedding day" to Robert courtesy of Pat Phelan.  Even Carla observes that her joke is ever so slightly in bad taste!  Is Carla queen of the Street re-emerging from her chrysalis - please give her something big to do!

Tim demands service in an almost empty Rovers and he gets two barmaids for the price of one as Jenny introduces her new little miracle - Charlie who is working a trial shift but it could become permanent.  Someone somewhere probably counts the number of Rovers' barmaids - so where does Charlie sit in that pantheon I wonder?

There was a nice line from Evelyn about a brew and biscuits.  Earlier today a different version of that was posted by Coronation Street and you can find it here.  There are some other bloopers there as well!

Written by: Jayne Hollinson & Susan Oudot (Monday); Julie Jones & Steven Fay (Wednesday); David Isaac & Joe Turner (Friday)
Directed  by: John Anderson (Monday); Kevin Boyle (Wednesday); Sean Healy (Friday)


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Bobby Dazzler said...

Not a lot of comedy this week then?

Not real keen on the new barmaid, she looks like she been through the ringer....and ...I like Sally and Tim together.
It was nice to see Eileen and the gang at the Rovers...all back together. There we have something to ignite the comedy fire...only thing better would be for LLoyd to pop back in...everyone else has.
When's Dozy Webster coming back, and why does Anna never visit her grandchildren. Why has Faye still got no friends? Who's supporting Daniel? What happened to the beard oil thing? Where's Peter? Still at the AA meeting?
Who wants Gary to kill Geoff?

popcorn said...

As for your last question - EVERYONE!


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