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Saturday, 11 January 2020

Corrie Comicals week ending 10 January 2020

Sometimes Corrie gets moved sideways for football and tonight that means we get a single hour long episode with Mr Lloyd-Fox writing the entire episode.  We have not had enough Evelyn recently and she is above telling Fiz that it is Twelfth Night and the decorations and unwanted Jade must go.  As events prove it was too late.

Now we get Moira as well - she was getting details from "this man"?  (Patient surely - or visitor? - in a  surgery).  Evelyn says everyone knows Roy (above) to which Moira cutely responds that she is pretty sure his surname is not Rolls.  Then embarrassed Moira realises that it is all a play on words.

Steve is excusing himself from taking his son Oliver to a party as he has to look after Tracy's pussy cat which needs chipping.  I assume a great deal of effort is being expended over description of the cat to avoid embarrassment!

Fiz, Ty do not sign the Section 20 without proper legal advice.  Even if the social worker asks the police for a protection order there is no certainty as there is no proof, sign it and you will be royally stuffed.

Chesney and Gemma are on a photoshoot with the quads for Freshco in an aspirational style house with a huge bedroom (above) acting as a green room.  Chesney's enthusiasm is not, as some viewers might have anticipated, for sex - but for sleep and they lie down together and listen to the silence!  Both of them have had makeovers before the photo shoot.  Continuity takes a hit later when Chesney's baby sick on his shirt mysteriously disappears!

Talking of makeovers on the left we have the downtrodden home help Jade Rowan and on the right we have the unveiling of the power dressed, new hairstyle and more makeup bringing us the new and improved Jade (Stape) Rowan who is expecting to be given a half sister to bring up on the dark side!

Leanne had a couple of great episodes and over at the Conversation Street podcast posted a couple of tweets:  and which show Jane Danson in fine form and above she is pretending to Amy that she, Paula and Tracy are discussing men.  Only Amy already knows and they are really discussing women.  Leanne's earlier question to Tracy about finding out when she was first attracted to women with arms crossed Michelle fashion added to the cross-examination.  Nice to see Leanne back in such fine form!

Come Friday Leanne is still fishing about events on New Year's Eve (or was it on the morning of New Year's Day?) wanting to know about Tracy changing the habits of a lifetime.  Paula does really not want to say - it was one night only about which Leanne makes the above snide announcement.  Tracy of course ignited the feud between the two when she left a candle alight which caused Kal's death.  Leanne then slept with Steve twice, once shortly before his wedding to Tracy.  Tracy is therefore happy to get details of Tracy's latest fall from grace!

Steve has extracted a confession from Tracy that she has cheated and there is a person hiding in the bathroom, he hammers on the door and tells the occupant to come out and face him like a man.  He says hello to Paula and storms past her (above) to find the man who has cuckolded him.  Before long he grasps that Tracy has had a taste of something different.

I know I should not be laughing at infidelity and at its root there is something not right with Steve and Tracy's marriage - which no doubt will come right as we know (as does Steve) that they ought to be together.  However the way this has been played out has so far been for some lighter entertainment alongside the other storylines and whilst I suspect that may change it was certainly worth telling here this week.

Although Wednesday and Friday were split episodes both days were each a single writer and I hope this continues.  It brings a cohesiveness and continuity of style which I feel aids the flow of the two episodes.  I hope it is not a one off and will become more common in future.

Written by: Owen Lloyd-Fox (Monday); Joe Turner (Wednesday); Simon Crowther (Friday)
Directed by: Karl Neilson (Monday & Wednesday); David Beauchamp (Friday)


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Jo said...

Cat?? What happened to the dog?

Unknown said...

I hope Shona stays, i like her and David together. Poor David he needs a break.


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