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Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Coronation Street spoiler: Bernie leaves Weatherfield

The previews are in from ITV for next week’s Coronation Street and Bernie says an emotional farewell to Weatherfield. It comes at the end of the week in which an exhausted Gemma takes a nap with the quads and someone pushes a burning rag through the letterbox. Not only that but Chesney arrives home to find ‘paedo’ daubed on the window and flames licking at the door.

Gemma and the quads are taken to hospital to get checked and Chesney lets rip at Paul and Bernie for bringing trouble to their door. Scared to go home in case of a repeat attack, Gemma’s chuffed when Freshco offer to put them up in a hotel. Gemma urges Paul to put his ordeal with Kel behind him for everyone’s sake. 

Bernie calls on Paul and explains that she’s moving onto pastures new as she’s caused enough trouble round here. Bernie says an emotional farewell. And I for one, won’t miss her.

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Anonymous said...

Can she please take the rest of the odious Winter/Foreman bunch with her please?

Scott Willison said...

I think it's a real shame that a talented actress like Jane Hazelgrove was given such a terrible part. Bernie was awful from the start and even the storyline of Paul's abuse hasn't softened her. Once a character is collecting urine for a scam, there's no way back.

Flo said...

Definitely a character I will not be sorry to see go.

Anonymous said...

You see from recent chat with David in the cafe, she could have been written with a softer side, but agreed....the writers doomed her with the weird money making schemes and lack of care for her family. I blame the writers not the actress. I think they wanted another Cilla. Don't miss her either.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

I agree. They wanted another mean, shallow, money grabbing Cilla / Jancie Battersby type.
They tried to soften Bernie with the Paul storyline, but somehow viewers didn't warm to her.
Initially, she was supposed to be quirky and funny, with her various silly scams, but the novelty wore off quickly.
I won't miss Bernie. I'm sure Jane could have played another character far better. She was great as Dixie in Casualty.

Bobby Dazzler said...

I can't agree with the comparison of Janice Battersby with Cilla and Bernie...Janice raised a child who wasn't her (while foster carers cared for Bernie and Cilla's kids from time to time) She might have been a bit of a hustler but Jan had a soft side regarding Leeanne and Toyah...she loved the girls.
Bernie could have been a great character and Jane presented her as someone we love to hate...great job!
I won't be sorry to see her go, much the same as they'd take the rest of the clan, and Fiz too, that's be a peach!

Bobby Dazzler said...

I can't believe that Gemma and Paul's father hasn't surfaced...especially as they are the face of Freshco (Gemma and the quads..not Paul) Surprised he hasn't slithered out from under his rock. He must be a real dream as I can only imagine someone who'd have kids with Bernie.....hahaha...Les Battersby!! There'd be a twist.


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