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Friday, 31 January 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 29th Jan 7.30 & 8.30 pm

Daniel may still be weighed down by the grief from Sinead's death, but his misdemeanour with the missed measles immunisation is about to have very serious repercussions. Baby Bertie may have bounced back to health but pregnant Maria's condition rapidly deteriorates, and she's soon heading to the hospital accompanied by Dr Ali. Sadly, it's too late and she suffers a miscarriage. Ali then recognises the symptoms of measles and Maria wonders where she's caught it from.

Unaware of the imminent fallout, Daniel thanks Bethany for being by his side. Later, Daniel defends Bethany when faced with a few home truths from Beth about his friend's obvious infatuation

Talking of childcare, Paul and Billy offer respite to look after the quads, giving Gemma and Chesney some much-needed breathing space. At Victoria Gardens, Chesney feels amorous but Gemma admits to being down with baby blues and hang-ups about Bernie. I doubt she needs Freshco's photoshopping her body onto the back-end of a Weatherfield wayfarer either! Back home, Tara from Freshco's defends her marketing techniques but Gemma's fuming! Questioning the contract's validity the couple decide to visit Imran who tells them they've no chance of winning a fight with Freshco's. Chesney wants to keep the cash and carry on but Gemma's grievance seems to be cemented. Will the Frescho four campaign continue?

Meanwhile, Fiz and Ty arrange to meet with Christine to discuss Jade's access to Hope. Fiz and Ty seem to be settling back into family life now, so why involve Jade again? It can only mean more drama? I like Jade though so that's ok with me.

With  Sally still away, two-timing Tim is keeping busy with his bigamy farce. I'm guessing Charlie will either become good friends with Sally or depart via Gatwick. However, she's hiding paperwork behind the bar, so surely that's an indication of her reluctance to divorce Tim? As I said last week, I do think that Tim is showing sides of his Father's sinister personality. I've called it first, just in case I can use this blog for social media boasting in a few months. In other news, Nick gives Sarah some time off to go Wedding dress shopping. Will Adam be in a kilt for the Scottish themed big day?

Returning from the hospital Maria sees that Gary is also back and breaks the devastating news. The hothead gangster plays it cool when he finds out, even approaching Ali with a handshake to thank him for his help. Is this a truce between the warring pair? Will Charlie sign the papers, and will Bethany and Daniel remain just good friends? I think all three questions have the same answer!

What did you think to this mid-week Corrie? Let us know in the comments section.

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Anonymous said...

I don't see how Maria's miscarriage can be blamed on Daniel not getting a baby vaccinated. He's- what?-a couple of months behind the usual immunization schedule? Maria must be pushing forty, she has a child old enough to go to school and she's been working with the public since she was a teen so if anyone should have been up to date in her vaccinations long ago, it's her. She's ignored dozens of opportunities to get vaccinated during visits to the doctor for herself and with her child while Daniel has, obviously, had bigger fish to fry lately.

I hope the takeaway from this storyline isn't just to vaccinate children but that adults should stop trying to remember whether or not they've had this or that childhood illness and just sort it out with their doctor once and for all. You can be tested to see if you have the antibodies that would indicate you had an illness at some point , if you do, you may not need vaccination, if you don't, you get a shot then and there. Simple.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): I don't think Tim will show a "sinister" side like his dad--he's too easy-going to ever be controlling and also too much of a Corrie stalwart to become villainous. But I think he will play a key role in the Yasmeen story line--helping her to get out from under Geoff's thumb. Probably revisiting his own childhood and life with his dad. Because if Geoff is like this with Yasmeen, you can be sure he was like this with Tim's mom too, and probably abusive behaviour with his son. Tim has already mentioned one cruel "joke" his dad played on him as a child (I think with the family dog?!), and the writers may reveal he was in some way responsible for Tim's illiteracy. Struggling to come to grips with his dad's abusive behaviour (past and present)is the way the story will go, I think, and it will be tied up in some way with a reconcialiation with Sally .


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