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Saturday, 11 January 2020

Coronation Street weekly update – January 11 2020

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It's been another strong week on Coronation Street and I think, worth repeating something I wrote last week. With Michelle and Robert gone, you realise how much of the action and drama was centered around these two characters. Without them, the spotlight shines on other families and characters that we haven’t seen much of lately. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Whenever I see Evelyn and Roy on screen together, I don’t see Evelyn and Roy. What I see are Maureen Lipman and David Neilson, two of our country’s best actors, doing what they love and do best. And so it’s been a joy this week to watch the pair of them support each other as Fiz and Tyrone are put through the wringer by evil Jade. Jade tells Doctor Gadass that Hope is being abused by Fiz. Social services are called and the girls are taken from their mum and dad and removed from their home. It’s too much for Fiz to bear.

Evelyn knows Jade’s behind all of this and finds out where she’s moved to. And Evelyn had me in stitches this week too, marching into the medical centre, demanding to know what was going on with Hope, knowing full well that Fiz would never harm her child. When Moira won’t allow Evelyn access to Hope’s medical records, Evelyn starts to cause a scene. “Doctor Gad-arse!” she shouts at the top of her voice. “Doctor Gad-arse!” Anyway, social services tell Fiz and Tyrone that a step-sister of Hope has offered to foster the girls while they’re in care of social services. A step-sister? Fiz is stunned to the core when she comes face to face with Jade in the social services office. The truth comes out, as much as Jade allows her version of the truth to be told. Evelyn hands Fiz Jade’s address and Fiz storms in and threatens Jade. She probably would have killed her too if Tyrone hadn’t turned up in the nick of time.

At Weatherfield General, Shona’s breathing tube is removed and she’s breathing on her own. Her eyes even flicker, but there’s still a long way to go. David’s certain Shona will be all right but the nursing staff at the hospital aren’t so sure. Meanwhile, David hears that evil Josh Tucker the rapist has been jailed for 15 years.

Elsewhere, Gemma and Chesney take the quads to their first Freshco photoshoot. Tara from Freshco whisks the family off to a posh house where the quads are photographed in luxurious surroundings miles away from the piles of dirty nappies in Weatherfield. This doesn’t sit well with Gemma and Ches, who were told the photoshoot would be a day in the life of their family with the quads.  And while the babies are being photographed, Tara takes Gemma and Ches to a bedroom to rest where they promptly fall asleep, exhausted from looking after four babies. When they awake, they find that models have been used as the quads’ parents and they’re not best pleased. However, they’ve got no choice but to take it on the chin as they need the money from Freshco’s sponsorship. When Dev finds out that Chesney’s missing work at the kebab shop because he’s promoting Freshco instead, he sacks Chesney on the spot. Then a reporter from the Weatherfield Gazette gets wind of the story from Bernie and comes looking for news. It’s too late, Dev has taken Chesney back on at the shop but when Bernie and the reporter come storming into his shop demanding a story, Dev sacks Chesney again. Poor lad.

Over at Sally’s house she throws a hot tub party in the garden and invites Paula and Leanne. Steve and Tracy also show up, wanting a special hot tub party of their own and aren’t too happy to find the three women in the hot tub after Tim had told Steve he could have it for his and Tracy’s private use. It’s an awkward time in the hot tub because not only does Tracy know that she slept with Paula on New Year’s Eve but Leanne also finds out after she overheard Tracy and Paula talking in the solicitor’s office. Steve soon finds out that Tracy’s cheated on him and storms into the flat, demanding to know which fella it was. When he finds out it was Paula, he and Tracy argue then have a heart to heart. But can he forgive her?

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't like the attitude that many of the characters had towards Tracy's cheating, that it "didn't count" or "wasn't the same" because it was with a woman. Cheating is cheating!

coconno196 said...

Yes, but Leanne was just malicious with her digs at Tracy, making sure Steve eventually twigged. After her sensitive talk with Amy who is worried her parents will split up, Leanne has now made it more likely! Very nasty. Not that I am defending Tracy's adultery. Let's hope they now both realise they belong together.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Jade Hope's half-sister not step-sister as they have the same father?

Louby said...

I did love the scene with Evelyn and Roy in his flat. I can't remember exactly what was said but it led to her saying that he had picked a dreadful time to discover his sense of humour!

I totally agree, the show has definitely been better since Robert and Michelle's departure.


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