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Saturday, 4 January 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 3 January

Greetings Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review. Sorry it’s a bit later than usual, I was watching Dracula in a darkened room with Nina!

After learning about her mother’s night of sapphic passion with Paula, Amy is still determined to move out. To Steve’s astonishment Tracy is quite sanguine about the whole thing, but we all know why don’t we. Steve tries to get his other daughter to find out what’s going on, but after talking with Amy, sweet silly Emma comes to the conclusion that Tracy is homophobic. This leads Steve to utter the brilliant line: ‘Nah she’s live and let live is Tracy...apart from Charlie Stubbs’. With Steve none the wiser, Tracy tries to appeal to her daughter. She tells Amy that for the first time in her life she feels ashamed. Well this is a new development. Apparently murdering, blackmailing, duplicitous Tracy now has a conscience. Did she win it in a cracker?

Meanwhile Jade is turning the weird-o-meter up to 11 by taking devil child Hope to visit John Stape's gravestone. Jade tells her little sister that their dad is looking down on them from heaven (what with him being a misunderstood murderer and kidnapper). Later she takes her to hospital to have her arm looked at and tells her to say a door slammed on her. This of course makes Fiz look pretty suspect when she arrives later and gives the correct story about Hope falling off a bench. Evelyn seems to be the only one who sees through Jade and wants her out…tho this may be less about child welfare and more about freeing up more space in the house to hang her ever expanding collection of tacky greyhound pictures. 

Elsewhere pervy Ray turns up at the garage and discovers that out of her sexy NYE get up Abi is a mechanic. Tim also helpfully drops the bombshell that she used to be in prison leading him to make a swift exit. Abi sulks, convinced that Tim has blown her chances with a ‘good bloke’ but Ray finds her in the cafĂ© and lets her know he’s still keen with some Carry-On style innuendos. She tells him she prefers straight talking and they go back to No. 4 for a bunk up. I know he’s a bad-un but could this be a good match? I mean let’s face it if Abi hears about him getting hands-y with any of the Bistro waitresses she’s likely to attach a jump lead to his trousers, which would save everyone a lot of hassle.

Finally, the courtroom set is getting another outing as David testifies at Josh’s trial. He tells the court how he thought that they were mates but that Josh drugged and raped him leaving him ashamed and suicidal.  When Josh’s barrister tries to twist David’s answers to suggest that it was consensual sex, he gets justifiably angry and rushes from the court saying he needs to be with his wife, leaving Josh smirking (is he still blind, I can’t remember?). At the hospital the doctor tells the assembled Platt/Tilsey/Rodwell family that they’re planning to remove Shona’s breathing tube in the hope she can now breathe by herself. Nick tells David to prepare himself for some tough decisions but he’s adamant that she will be fine and they will walk out of the hospital together…or at least in nine months to a year when her mat leave has finished!

And that's all from me. See you in a couple of weeks or catch me on twitter @mskelstar. Happy New Year one an' all!

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