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Kym Marsh interview: Michelle discovers Robert's affair

How has Michelle been struggling with the situation with Ray?
She has really been struggling with it because when it happened she was very clear in her mind that it had happened and he tried to shrug it off as if it was nothing but yet his treatment of her, after that, made it glaringly obvious to her that actually, she had found him out. Ray was making her life very difficult but she carried on working there because it was something that she wanted to do and she had signed a contract but she has had enough of being treated like dirt. Michelle has threatened Ray that she will tell everybody exactly what Ray is like and that’s the tipping point for him. I get the feeling that Ray must have done this a few times and the last thing he would want is that publicity because who knows who might come forward. 

This is the week that the truth comes out, what is the turning point where Michelle realises that things are not adding up with Robert? 
Michelle gets a call from the police in Macclesfield and is told that Robert has been taken to Macclesfield hospital. Michelle is really confused because she can’t understand why he is in Macclesfield when he said he was in Sandbach, she doesn’t understand why he would have told her that. The seed of doubt is in her head from then, that is the moment when she thinks that something is not right.

What goes through Michelle’s head when she finds Robert’s ‘Big Daddy’ necklace?
When Robert comes back from theatre, Michelle is looking through a plastic bag with all of his personal belongings in and she finds the necklace and again, that’s another seed. There are lots of things that are beginning to accumulate that she is beginning to get suspicious of.

Has Michelle started to pull all her suspicions together at this point?
No, I don’t think for one minute she is beginning to think it is anything that it really is. She is just really confused as to what everything is, obviously a necklace that says ‘Big Daddy’ suggests that it would be from a woman but then he starts to explain things and gives her a cock and bull story about it which she doesn’t necessarily believe but it could be feasible. But she is very suspicious at this point.

Do you think that she missed some of the signs of Robert’s lies because she has been caught up in the situation with Ray?
To be honest, I think the signs have always been there but Robert has been able to explain them. Ryan in particular has been quite suspicious of Robert and there has been a couple of times where Michelle has questioned Robert about why he has done something but he has always been able to come up with an explanation. I think Michelle has wanted to believe him and she desperately needs some support because of what is going on with Ray so she is probably clinging on to any stability from her normal life.

Do you think Michelle is daft to trust Robert because of his past?
I think she is very blinkered at this point and that is because she doesn’t want to think he would be doing anything else given what has happened in the past and because she is going through some other stuff with Ray at the moment. She is desperate for her home life to be settled. Also, she doesn’t see any other signs from him; he is telling her he loves her, they are getting married and he is being attentive to her. From her point of view, other than him going away and sometimes little bits and bobs don’t really add up, there’s not really anything to suggest to her that he is having an affair.

What has the viewers’ reaction been like to this storyline? Have you had anyone warn you about Robert’s affair?
Oh yes, all the time. It’s funny, I posted a picture of a few of us cast out for dinner the other night and someone had commented, ‘That bloke behind you is cheating on you!’ Everyone is always saying, ‘Get rid of that Robert, he is no good!’ so there has been a lot of support for Michelle. I hope that will continue, we will see as we get along the line.

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