Monday, 4 November 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 4th November

Steve's still sounding off about Emma and Dr Ali's negligence. He seems to be forgetting one important thing: ALI WASN'T WORKING. He came to the barber's as a favour (and because he still wuvs Maria), he is not liable. The residents of Corrie are all very keen on getting free handymanwork, legal and medical advice and then quick to complain when it goes wrong. Dr Gaddas has the right idea, telling Steve she's not working when he asks for some advice on her way to pick up her car after a tryst (good to see Dr G getting some kind of mini-storyline). But having heard Steve's tale, she promptly reports Ali to the medical board. He calls Maria and, following the ITV edict to Get Britain Talking, tells her about the fake confidence that doctors have to exude and that he's in shtook with the hospital. Maria comforts him and he leans in for a kiss, all watched over by Gary, spying on them from the other side of the street. He asks Maria and she 'fesses up, but Gary storms off and then gets his pet private detective to get intel on Ali. They later make up and she leads him into the bedroom for some make-up shenanigans. I wonder if she asked him to wear that gold onesie? Steve, meanwhile, asks Emma to stay with him to recuperate, post-operation. He probably just wants someone to cook his tea with his wife and mother both away.

Shona still believes that denial is a river in North East Africa, and is going for a wedding dress fitting. Gail goes full matriarch and cancels the wedding and then Nick takes matters into his own beard and decides to pretend to be Josh's solicitor, reckoning he can get Josh to see sense ("I'm a businessman, diplomat, negotiator"), until Billy the Vic spots him, and more or less kicks him out of the prison. Leanne has a more sensible suggestion, which is that Billy talks to Evil Josh. Let's hope they don't threaten to sue Billy if it doesn't work.

Meanwhile, Abi's studying for her GCSE. This involves counting pints in the pub with her boss/potential sugar daddy. Kev even gets rid of Jack for the night, who seems to be going through the earliest puberty in history. He's supposed to be 9 and his voice is breaking. He'll have a full beard aged 12 and be going grey by the time he's 17. Kev and Abi (Kabi?) chat about how you don't meet Percys or Ednas any more, and are getting on very well until Sally interrupts them with instructions to go home.

Sinead's ingredients arrive and Carla decides to move on from waitressing to artisan male grooming products and become a beard oil baron(ess). Beth, as is her current wont, goes ape at the idea of anyone carrying on Sinead's empire, until Carla tells her that all profits will be going to the Carlisle Armistice Silverwood Hospital charity, er, I mean, Bertie and his future.

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coconno196 said...

Whilst I agree that Ali wasn't negligent because he wasn't on duty, I was annoyed at his determination to find out who reported him. This is irrelevant and he should have explained the whole situation to Dr Gaddas.

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