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Monday, 2 September 2019

Geoff - a nasty piece of work? And goodbye to DS Beckett for now

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He's a cunning one is that Geoff, and I must confess that his behaviour is making me feel at worst disturbed, at best uneasy. The most upsetting aspect of this coercive control storyline is how deceived Yasmeen has been and how she has been forced to believe that somehow, in some way, not to her knowledge, she has profoundly upset Geoff. She believes, quite wrongly, that she has been unreasonable, that she has behaved in an irritating way, albeit quite unwittingly, but what she cannot work out is how this has happened.

The reason that she cannot work out what she has done that is so wrong, is that she has NOT done anything wrong. She genuinely cares for him and that is how Geoff is able to manipulate her and exploit her. Yasmeen is a woman who is honest and concerned for others. She is not bitter or jealous, and we could say that she has had sufficient tragedy in her life to make her feel embittered. Viewers will remember that her son Kal, died in a fire and that her husband was discovered to be having an affair, with a woman who Yasmeen thought was her friend. Then, her grandson Zeedan and his wife Rana divorced, when Rana fell in love with Kate.

Yet Yasmeen retains a zest for life and a care and concern for her fellow friends and family. She’s busy, she’s at the restaurant, Speed Dahl, helping Alya, and she’s at the community centre, organising events. She is a good woman! This is why Geoff can, at least for now, succeed in his machinations.

Geoff fitted security cameras to make Yasmeen feel safe, he claimed. The problem was that Geoff had not discussed this with Yasmeen. However, Geoff had done a good thing for her hadn’t he? That makes it extremely difficult for Yasmeen to complain. How can you complain or be angry at someone who wants to protect you? But, but but…When Yasmeen, in a very reasonable fashion, suggests that Geoff should have discussed it with her to see if that was what she wanted, Geoff does his affronted act. Don’t you want to feel safe? I thought you’d be pleased etc. all accompanied by a hurt expression. ‘You make me feel like a stranger in my own house.’ Who wouldn’t sympathise with Yasmeen?

And now, Geoff is succeeding in worrying Yasmeen by suggesting that there is something wrong with his health. He is being convincingly dismissive, in a, ‘Oh, don’t worry about me,’ sort of way. He’s attempting to make Yasmeen worry by being all noble and heroic, in a – Oh please don’t waste your time thinking about me, I’ll be alright, I don’t wish to cause any trouble, way. He lied about palpitations, says he’s tired - and with patient confidentiality he is completely safe in that his lies will not be discovered.

Just recently, we’ve seen Geoff having to cover himself when Tim walked in when Geoff was talking about his health to Yasmeen. So far he is getting away with his lies and deception.  Having fitted security cameras in Yasmeen’s house he can spy on her.

Geoff, you are a sinister and deeply unpleasant person. The sooner Yasmeen discovers this and frees herself from you, the better.

In fact, deceptive Geoff it may well be Alya who is your undoing…
Just a word or two on D.S. Beckett – we’ve not see her for a while quizzing the residents. She’s probably in the twilight of her career and I would say that if she did retire she would be much missed.

She tends to pop up unexpectedly, and she is never welcome – but that doesn’t faze her. She’s no doubt well-versed in dealing with surprised and shocked expressions on a variety of people.

Her face spoke loudly of experience and wisdom an she could detect a lie as rapidly as a sniffer dog discovering a Class A drug. Her expression spoke a thousand words – some of those words being, ‘I’ve seen every trick in the book, mate, so just don’t try it because nothing you throw at me is new.’

The way in which she said, ‘Yes, you may go now, Mr Windass/ Mr Tilsley,’ suggested that, yes, physically they could go, but she had their soul.

I will miss her. I also live in hope that she’ll return. We need a wise ‘old’ girl to put these folk to rights.

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Janice M said...

The writers are not as good as they used to be. They have turned most of the men into waffling idiots - Dev was a strong character and sensible now he is stupid and waffles on about nothing most of the time. Steve has turned in to a real ditz that pulls faces and acts like hes six most of the time. Tim is becoming just as bad.
I used to love Mary she was a breath of fresh air waaaay back, now she is just a over the top strange kind of hippy ?????? She is a good actress give her a good story line to get her teeth in to, no like the stupid long lost son that was soooooo irritating.


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