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Faye Brookes interview: Kate and Robert's baby bombshell

Why do you think Kate is so determined to rush into having a baby?

She has no outside perspective on it. It is very much a part of the delayed reaction of losing her brother. She has become fixated on her happy ending because she feels that she can make up for not being able to look after her brother by looking after and caring for a baby.

Does she have any idea that Rana is not quite as enthusiastic as she is?

No she has completely got her head in the clouds and has not picked up on any retisense from Rana which is a bit worrying as they are soulmates and you would think she would be sensitive to her feelings, but this shows just how obsessed she is with this plan for all the wrong reasons.

What made her think that involving Robert was a good idea?

He was basically the right guy at the right time, she was caught off guard and vulnerable and he was also feeling low about the situation with Michelle. They both thought it was a good solution. Robert seems safe and someone she knows. She also thinks she is doing the right thing for Rana as she was adamant that she didn’t want the father to be a stranger.

Why did they go for the clinic meeting before telling anyone?

They just got carried away and they told themselves that they wanted to make it a firm lan with a contract so they could show Michelle and Ranan that they had thought it through and so no one could try and stop them.

When Rana finds out they end up having a blazing row. How does she feel when Rana tells her that she didn’t want a baby?

She feels a bit of a fool, if she hasn’t picked up on those signals from the closest person to her then what does that say about their relationship. She also feels really hurt that Rana has not said anything sooner, there has been a real breakdown of communication between them both. Kate cant even look at her, she is that upset, she feels like she is looking at a stranger.

Is Rana partly to blame here?

Rana did leave her to believe that she wanted the same thing. If she stopped to think about it then she will realise that Rana did try and say that a little bit at the beginning, but Kate was just on a mission and Rana backed off from telling her how she really felt about it. She should have been more upfront and stern with Kate.

What is going through her head when she thinks it might be a good idea to seduce Adam when she has never been interested in men before?

Adam has been involved in drawing up the contract so knows what has been going on. She goes to see him. This is her last option. She is not thinking at all, she is drunk and she starts flirting with him, he kisses her and this idea enters her head that this may be the way for her to get a baby. But this is not who she is and shoe doesn’t go ahead with it, she has lost sight of herself throughout this and she has lost control and she is quite horrified at what she almost did. She had control when she had Robert on board but one by one the control has been taken away from her and she loses all control. She has got so desperate and she is thinking of nothing other than a baby and how it will fix everything and make it all ok.

But sadly even though nothing happens does it mean the end of her and Rana?

Yes those scenes were brutal to film for me and Bhavna because we really had to go there because we wanted it to be real because they have been on this journey for so long and fought for so much, what they have is real but they haven’t been dealing with a lot of the emotion that has been going in, Rana losing her dad, Kate losing her brother, they have had a hell of a year. They should probably have gone away together and really got to know each other but everything else got in the way which is so sad and now it has led to this huge breakdown in communication. They have been caught up in the love affair and their feelings for each other and they thought that would be enough and it would see them through. Because of everything they had been through to get together they think that it will just work out but it is so complex.

Do you think they can still find a way forward in the future?

Yes without a doubt, the love is still there, they have both done things wrong and they will be able to find a way to move on from this, the just need to take a step back. The one thing that they both do really well is that they apologise when they are at fault and I feel like their love is a love that will conquer all and will last. With everything out in the open they will start to rebuild and focus on each other and not get hung up on what anyone else thinks. In some ways they needed this to refocus and start afresh. Watch this space this is not the end for Kana!

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