Saturday, 1 December 2018

Coronation Street spoiler: Unwelcome guests at Victoria Court

The previews are in earlier than usual this week - as they will be for the coming weeks up to Christmas.  There’s no happy family Christmas looming up in Victoria Court when Imran and Nick move in with Toyah and Leanne.

Toyah is furious to learn of Nick’s plans to move in to the flat. Then Nick and Leanne are shocked to find Toyah and Imran canoodling on the sofa so Toyah drops the bombshell that Imran is moving in too.

Deciding the four of them need to get along, Leanne orders them and Toyah to join her for lunch in the Bistro.  But Nick’s got cash worries and admits to Leanne that he’s got to pay back Elsa the £40K that he used to buy into Underworld.  Nick tells Leanne that he has no choice but to sell his car for cash and Imran offers to buy it.

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