Saturday, 1 December 2018

Coronation Street spoiler: Archie Shuttleworth dies

The previews are in earlier than usual this week - as they will be for the coming weeks up to Christmas.

There’s some sad news for Audrey and Rita when they find out that Archie Shuttleworth has died.  Now then, for those who don’t remember or can’t recall Archie Shuttleworth, he was the comic undertaker, created by Daran Little, and played by the wonderful Roy Hudd.

There's a wonderful radio interview with Roy Hudd where he talks about being Coronation Street's Archie Shuttleworth.

Roy was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 by Sandi Toksvig. The Corrie snippet is only just over two minutes long and is definitely worth listening to.

Roy talks about Archie's catchphrase and how the character was created by writer Daran Little.  He also reveals what happened when Archie had to bury Fred Elliot the butcher, I say the butcher.

Have a little listen to it here. 

What will his death mean for the residents of the Street?

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popcorn said...

Oh no! He was a wonderful character!

Rebecca said...

Such a fun character!


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