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Coronation Street Blog interview with Connie Hyde - Gina Seddon

My Coronation Street Blog colleague Emma and I recently went to ITV Studios for a fascinating day of interviews with the actors at the heart of Corrie this Christmas. It was my first Corrie Press day since the Underworld coach crash of January 2015. And I can confirm that although she was not on the official line-up, we met Eccles! 

Now that the Eccles embargo has been lifted, I can also share details from the interview with Connie Hyde, who plays Gina. **The rest of this blog will contain some spoilers**.

The younger Seddon sister has been falling for Tim for a while, but Connie feels it is important to note that Gina did not plan this. In fact, “she tries to fight it”. Sure, Gina joined a dating app and swiped right for a couple of other blokes, but she can’t stop holding those matey hugs with Tim for “a bit too long”. So far, this has meant nothing to Tim but everything to Gina.

Connie insists that “none of it is Machiavellian”, even though last week we saw Gina scheming to keep Tim and Sally apart. To be fair, Gina was choking back the tears while lying through her teeth to Sal.

Essentially, Gina believes Duncan’s lies: “She does believe that Sally has cheated on Tim and she is quite moralistic… she’s quite appalled by that.” In Gina’s mind, this helps excuse falling in love with Tim.

Tim and Sally are such a popular couple that Connie Hyde accepts there might be a backlash against Gina. She was nervous when she got the scripts because “Sally is one of the most loved characters”.

The kindness shown to Gina by Tim, “is quite unique in her relationships with men” and so, “she misconstrues some of the attention”. Connie believes Gina is “quite a sad character”, so Corrie fans tend to feel sorry for her (at least at the moment!).

This is not the first time that Gina has undermined Sally, despite everything her sister has done for her. First, she trolled Sally online. Then, she campaigned for Buzzer the Bee in the mayoral election. 

Gina then destroyed key evidence in Sally’s trial before doubting her in court. And now she’s fallen in love with her husband!

I asked if Gina was trying to help or hinder Sally when she testified in court. Connie responded that Gina did “stick up for Sally” but “because she’s so chaotic, the Barrister pulled her apart and she messed up badly”.

Connie describes the relationship between Gina and Sally as “very complicated”. They “grew up in the gutter… Sally got out early on and Gina didn’t”. So, Gina might be happy for Sally that she has made something of herself, but there is also some jealousy. Connie feels that this background and the failure of Gina’s two marriages, plus the fractious relationship with her own kids may explain “her dysfunctionality in relationships”. Connie would “love” to see this backstory explored further.

Gina “does irrational things” and Connie believes her behaviour could be to do with her bipolar disorder, as “she has these massive emotions and doesn’t really think of the consequences”. Connie Hyde talks regularly to bipolar charities and feels “a responsibility of care”. She does not want Gina to be seen as a baddie, because her actions come “from a vulnerability”. Bipolar viewers who have contacted Connie have been positive and are glad “a light has been shone” on the condition.

Tim has been kind to Gina and “has given her love… and she would respond to that”, says Connie. In a couple of weeks’ time, Tim is going to show Gina some affection after the Street Cars Christmas do at the Bistro.

The after party is back at number 4 with Eileen, Steve and Tracy joining Tim and Gina. When the wine runs out, they hit the Ouzo while Elton John’s ‘Step Into Christmas’ blares in the background. Tim will get very drunk and although he admits that he misses Sally, Gina will get her Christmas wish when a maudlin Tim kisses her. How Gina responds remains “to be seen”.

Connie Hyde does not think Gina is “that much of a threat” to Sally, long-term. But if things were different, would Tim and Gina make a good couple? Tim is “very uncomplicated” and would be happy “as long as his tea’s on the table”. They get on well, but Connie reckons Tim would “soon get sick of her”.

What is unclear is whether Gina genuinely loves Tim or whether she just wants what her sister has. Connie suggests that Gina is attracted to the “stability” that Tim would provide. Fundamentally, Connie feels sorry for Gina, who has “a lot of love to give but not many people want it”.

Connie Hyde loves working with Sally Dynevor and she enjoyed the scenes with Dev, describing Jimmi Harkishin as “a fantastic actor and energy”. Connie is excited to be involved in a big Corrie storyline at Christmas because “she always watched it as a kid”. She will be watching on Christmas Day, but she might lock herself indoors in case she gets “egged”!

Connie will also be eating some purple sprouts from her allotment. Perhaps Gina should put her name down for one? “That would be great for her mental health”, says Connie who likes to unwind from intense scenes by gardening. Come to think of it, I’m sure there is a vacant plot next to Roy’s…

I love Sally and Tim together and it's a shame that something (or someone) has come between them. However, you can understand how it might be possible for Gina to misread the signs from Tim. Perhaps Tim should have listened to his Dad’s warning... “blame him”, laughed Connie when we met her. We also spoke to Joe Duttine, so watch this space for Tim’s side of the story.

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Laura said...

I am not an expert on bi-polar disorder. Is the assertion that it's partly to blame for the affair reasonable?

As for Gina believing Duncan, I think we've all seen so many examples on screen and in real life that show us people believe what they want to believe.

Martin Leay said...

Thanks for the comment, Laura. I'm not qualified to answer your first question, though I don't think there has been any reference to Gina's bipolar in the script for a while. Your second observation is very true indeed!


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